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Veena Madhan on 04 January 2017
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Mental harassment by ABN, barclay's and Kotak

This is to inform you that my mother had a card with RBS 2010 which she settled in 010. though the last usage was in 2008 for my marriage and not after that. thereafter we were paying regularly and also the account was settled in 010. In 2011 my mom retired and my parents shifted to native place forever. In 2010 my mom cleared any dues pending to live a peaceful retirement life. in 2014 suddenly i get a call from kotak stating that the account was not settled and i have to pay 40000rs and we did that for which we received the receipt as well. the email id which we received payment was from vidhya.bhosale@kotak.com; and also deepali.yadav@kotak.com. they gave me a receipt for same. the account no mentioned in it is 1886 again now in 2016 oct i started receiving calls from nos -96, 951, 265, 2434 email- rardcards.mumbai@kotak.com, sachin.dongre@kotak.com, @kotak.com stating we need to pay some 36000rs for abn ambro where as the statement provided is of RBS and the email ids are of kotak. phone nos on true caller is of abn ambro and barclays. the satement which they provided me shows the card no as 8622 we had politely requested them to give us some time to get back since my parents have now shifted to native place but the official calling doesnt seem to understand and kept calling as if just to harass. Initially we responded them and told them earlier too we received call from kotak asking for same and we had settled the account and send them the receipt. they said the receipt is of some other loan or card and told that your mothers name is there in cibil and showing the amount payable with interest is 36000rs. for this i asked them to give me card details but they started arguing and using abusive language and threatening me. for which i just told them to send me details in mail. they kept calling me and abusing me if i received the calls but no email was received till a month and a half (though they kept calling and saying they sent email and called me liar). then after continuous insistance finally i received some card details which were of 2010 and 012. In one statement it was from RBS and stating we had to pay so and so amnt as mentioned 36000rs with interest in 2012 and other sheet had the details of card usage. The sheet showed usage in 2008 but the statement was till 2010 where the records were mainly of cahrges of the bank and no details of 2011 or 2012 and further. So if we really had to pay anything it shud have been carried further till date. the problem now arising is they are not going through any legal ways but just calling my husband friends and his colleagues and their offices stating they have to pay for us and using really abusive languages. i had blocked their calls but now the harassment is going to our relatives and friends who are no where involved. these people just want money. we asked them to go to court or take legal way we will pay if there is any error from our end really but they dont want to go to police or court just call till the point of harassment. First of all from where did they suddenly come after 7 yrs if we had to pay them. for which they just abuse and dont respond. they are trained to just abuse people and extort money. It has become a serious mental torture for me my friends and my entire family. Kindly help us in this matter

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