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Nitin Kumar on 02 January 2017
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Company not provide me technician for Sansui tv demo

I was purchase LED TV from Krishna electronic shop no-6 main road khicripur delhi-91 on dated: 30/10/2016 Rs.29900-/ and my TV install next two days but technician don't give demo for how to operate fully functiona TV and we are waiting for techcian but no response from Sansui company so I was call yesterday Coustmer care no and I m talking mr Amit I was requested to plz give me demo and teach me how to use my TV all programs but he said this is chargeable chargeable but I was purchase a Sansui TV so it's company responsibility Coustmer totally satisfied satisfiedfor service but Sansui not satisfied customers I requested to you plz provide me a good technician for teach me how to use TV as soon as please. My Sansui experience is not good and satisfied till today and my TV guarantee 5 years.