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N. Chainani on 30 December 2016
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Airtel keeps charging and not respond

I had consistent problems with internet service sine Mid October. Internet service kept getting dropped and the performance was poor. I asked them to change to Static IP and asked them to give me max speed. I was hoping that might improve the situation. They sent technicians repeatedly but the problems didn't go away. After more than about couple weeks the supervisor Pankaj Walia who had confirmed to me that he had increased my speed to 24 mbs told me that the max speed available in my area was only 8 mbs. The problem with the internet dropping did not go away. Not sure what the first tech. did but I was not able to use one of my laptops because I was unable to get the internet connection after their tech would leave. So whatever they did, it did not work for long. They first had send Rajesh, then Vinod and then prabhat.....but of no avail. I told Mr. Walia that we better not get charged for the service that we did not receive. At that time he told me not to worry. Mr. Walia had been getting permission from their lead Mr. Alok Tiwari who was the head of their Nodal office ....now I don't know his title. I had also talked to Mr. Tiwari myself and he gave Mr. Walia the permission to give me static IP for one month. These issues impacted my work big time. In any case, after all frustration earlier this month, they have sent a bill for a large amount putting in charges for the October and November. I spoke to Mr. Walia couple times after I came back in US and first he responded to my call, told me he will take care of changing back to dynamic IP and revert the charges. However, there was no follow thru. Thereafter, now I can reach Mr. Walia because he has blocked my phone number. I tried calling Mr. Alok and it's the same story with him as well. I have sent multiple text messages and emails to Mr. Tiwari and multiple msgs to Mr Walia but they have not responded. I would appreciate your help in this matter.

Airtel Presence

Dear Customer

This is with reference to your post dated 30 December 2016.

We are keen to resolve your concern; however we will require your alternate contact number to resolve it effectively.

We look forward to receive the required details.



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