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Radhey Shyam Sharma on 15 October 2011
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Electricity bill payment of Dakshinanchal vidhyut vitaran nigam ltd

Connection no.076197.Our meter has been changed on 20-07-2011.When checked by the jr.Engineer no fault was detected in our previous meter.After the fitting of new meter,the no. Of units consumed increased abruptly.From 20-07-2011 to 10-08-2011 the no. Of units consumed were recorded as 133.The units consumed upto 19-07-2011 were only 45.Total units=178.But the calculation of bill was done according to 400 units.Payment of 400 units I.E.1811=00 has already been made in cash on 11-08-2011.Receipt no.03081630.From 11-08-2011 to 15-09-2011 the no. Of units consumed were 260.But the bill was made according to 438 units.Payment of 438 units I.E.1959 has been made on 19-09-2011.Receipt no.03084615.We have already sent a complaint letter in s.D.O.II qwarsi.But no action was taken and the amount was not even adjusted.From 15-09-2011 to 15-10-2011 the bill was 1019=00.But still no adjustment in the previous bills have been made.The excess money is 1567=00 which should be adjusted by the electricity board.