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Pradeep G on 28 December 2016
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Flight dealyed and no action from airindia missed connecting flight.

Diu flight got delayed by 5hrs on 24th of Dec where in we had a connecting flight from bom->Bang which was missed. We enquired with floor manager in bombay where in he said he could not do anything. We have to shell out 5000 more in order to get another flight to bangalore. We asked humbly to accomodate where in he said it was not available. We spoke to customer service of Air india which is pathetically very bad. They dont know english and asked us to speak in tamil.In the mean time also they used to cut the calls in between. We spoke to Rajashree, Ellamurugan and other person where in they dont have any proper information about flights itself. Why are they being seated there? When asked few questions they used to cut the calls. We had 2 kids and 1 elderly person as well and we were in a unknown location and even no one helped us. We appreciate the work done by the officer Rathore at diu airport where in he gave proper information and did not mislead us.Is there any way you can provide a refund of 5000 as the problem was from your end. Kindly let us know on this.