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Imon on 28 December 2016
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Croma LED CREL 7315 is a waste of money

I bought a Croma TV in 2013 from Croma Jayanager Bangalore. I was opting for a samsung TV but the customer service folks in the store said me that Croma is a better choice than samsung. Now I feel that, I made a big mistake by trusting them. The Croma TV I bought stopped working in Dec 016. I have raised a complaint against Croma. Also, I would like to let the Croma folks know that the TV from the other vendors lasts really long. I have another TV of sony which is running for 6 years now without a single problem. I also have a samsung TV in my native which is running for 8 years without a single problem or a repair. If you can't manufacture a product with quality, please do not manufacture it!! Don't let your customer pay for the mistakes you guys do by manufacturing the worst quality products. You can reach me at @gmail.com