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Richa Mishra on 21 December 2016
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Capvia worst company ever saw

Capvia indore company which make customers fake promise they took 0000 as service fees and they made my investment zero within two days and after that they are asking me to arrange more funds to trade with ,it happens three months till the date the company has not given even a single call correct they made my investment over and they know after this i cant and they simply took my 0000 rupees my hard cash.Dear Sir/mam we do jobs and make our life hell to earn each and every single money but this people thinks people fool just to trap them and take their money and play with it they even dont think that how much we suffer from pain we are not idiots to simply trust them. we are made fools by making fake promises.I just request you to take a necessary action againts this company and make them to repay my money which they took and simply enjoying the worst worst worst......................fraud company.i want this company immediately repay my money back.