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Naresh Rai on 21 December 2016
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Reliance Communication Prepaid Recharge Successful But No Benefits

I Naresh Rai is the consumer of Reliance communication prepaid services from last 0-12 years . On 15th December 2016 i recharged my reliance mobile no : 0413 with Rs 97 and received the sms message that "Congratulations CLM 97 has been successfully activated on your phone . Thank you reliance " But still i was unable to make calls from the mobile. After waiting for 2 more days for the problem to subside on its own.i went to the place from where i recharged My mobile .The person informed that as the successful message has been received His part in the process is done & this Error Somewhere Else to resolve it you can go to some Reliance Gallery. On Enquiring at the Reliance Gallery at chembur Opposite Fine Arts i was shocked to hear that recharge amount as been forfeited as there is no scheme and the person informing that you will received nor talktime nor data nor refund of the Rs 97 Recharge Done . Now My Simple question is this if there is no scheme of rs 97 then why did my recharge amount of Rs 97 got successful & how i got successful message for the same I Have Even Written One Email to @relianceada.com their Complaint Resolving Department But I Think Even that has fallen on deaf Ears. Hope this gets Resolved I Remain

Reliance Communications

Dear Naresh

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.


Reliance Communications