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Kumar Gourab Mondal on 19 December 2016
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Mishandling of fragile item/musical instrument

On 15/12/16 I travelled from Kolkata to aizawl by spicejet flight no. SG-3281. I was having a keyboard/synthesizer yamaha moxf8 (price 000) with me. Since it is heavy, I already paid ₹4,667 through online for excess baggage of 20 kgs in addition to free check-in Baggage up to 15 kgs i.e. I was entitled for 35 kgs check-in baggage. When I checked in at Kolkata, I found the instrument weight is around 40 kgs. They charged ₹1500 for excess 5 kgs and an additional amount of ₹1000 in the name of 'special handling charges' saying that they will handle the instrument carefully, it will not be treated as normal baggage and it will not come to the baggage belt, It will be brought to me at aizawl airport separately. They put 'fragile' tag also on the box. But when I reached aizawl, I contacted spicejet staff immediately regarding my instrument, she couldn't reply. It seems they are not familiar to fragile item or instruments. Finally I was surprised when I saw the 40 kgs instrument of 5 ft length with 'fragile' tag is coming on the baggage belt. And the handling staff don't have common sense to stop the belt so that I can take it out of the belt. Finally I shouted to stop the belt and they did. I think no where in the world u will see that fragile item is coming to normal baggage belt. I found the box was partially damaged, upper part came out of three hinges, only one was intact. There was rubber buffer at the bottom, those were removed and lost, There was mud, dust, concrete cement on the box and it was scratched. I am sure the box was fallen down. As it is a musical instrument It was not possible to check properly without power supply and sound system at the airport. But I gave a written complaint to the station manager of spicejet. They told me to check properly in home and let them know. When I checked the instrument in my home, I observed there is a crappy sound under the keys. I doubt the rubber/carbon pad under the key is broken or cracked. And the biggest problem is there is no Yamaha service centre in aizawl. So again I have to carry it to Kolkata. Next day I contacted spicejet stastation manager over phone and told the issue, simply he avoided. He said they have checked the CCTV footage and they didn't find the instrument was fallen down. They have charged ₹1000 extra for handling the instrument and they damaged the box. How irresponsible they are. I request u to take necessary action in this regard and to save the CCTV footage for future reference.

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