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Mithilesh Wani on 30 November 2016
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Narrow Minded, Rude, Arrogant behaviour of VRL staff

Dear Sir / Ma'am, Myself Mithilesh Dnyanesh Wani, mostly i travel allover INDIA & i personally prefer VRL for their good services But today i faced a bad impression of VRL I was traveling to Vijayapura from Vashi (Navi Mumbai) Ticket no. - 5505 PNR - 1615 Seat no. U30 Date : 30th Nov 2016 Time - 8:00pm from vashi I found one of your staff member was very narrow minded & rude as i request him to do a favour for all of the bus members, but he replied arrogantly. The request was just to change the movie as the movie which he was running was in KANADA language, i requested him to please run any movie you want but in HINDI language. So we can understand the language as can pass our time watching movie & enjoy the journey. As HINDI is our national language & all over many peoples of different caste-language-state are traveling in your buses so its not good to do such things, & we also dont expect that VRL will tolerate such kind of behaviour from their staff members. It is pure dominating as one of your staff member ignored it completely & said he will not change the movie. Very upset with such kind of behaviour. We pay for our tickets whatever may be the cost, so we have the right to ask & get what we want. Kidnly do the needful so that other customers pf VRL may not face such problem. Thanks & Regards Mitgilesh D Wani 2270