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Sachin M on 28 November 2016
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MBMT-Buses do not halt at stops- bus no 10, 29

Today I was standing at Louis wadi bua stop, ahead of Marathon chowk/Teen hath Naka, Thane, at 9.PM for half an hour and finally saw bus no 10 approaching. I waved hand and signaled the bus to stop but driver was least bothered. He saw me waiving hand still didn't stop the bus and continued speeding the bus. And just behind bus no 10, was bus no 29 even he didnt stop and continued to speed up. Firstly, the bus frequency is extremely poor. We have to wait for at least an hour on some isolated place for bus, on top of that ur drivers do not stop despite giving signals to halt. This is not the first time, have experienced this enough of times to bring to your notice. Verryy verryy poor service MBMT!!