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Mahesh Bhutkar on 11 November 2016
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Worst experience with Bharat Booking Holidays

It looks like Bharatbooking has been just money making company & not worried about customer satisfaction. We went to Kerala including 2 Sr. Citizen, myself, wife & one 2 year child & see below is our bad experience in the tour. Till Booking they follow us, but once initial booking is done, then we have to follow them. Most of the time the booking person will not be available with her ( Tour Advisor - Ruby Bhatia - 636) Mobile phone. They will busy in meetings. And even after meeting they will not call you back. This is completely unethical business practices to make only money. Completely irresponsible staff in Bharatbooking. When we reach to Ernakulam Junction (ERS), the driver started demanding for payment. This was not even informed to us by Bharatbooking to pay any amount to the driver. 1) "Emerald Inn" Munnar on 4th Nov 2016 :- Worst rooms provided in Emrald IN hotel which is underground -3 floor where complete Suffocation, very difficult to breathe even. We cannot even open the windows as lots of waste outside & dirty smell. The hotel staff applied room freshener in order to remove the dirt smell. Insufficient lighting in rooms (only 2 small bulbs). Even Lights/Electricity gone 3-4 times and my child started crying. The room phone service is not working so every time you have to go personally 3 floors up & contact them. Washroom Shower not working. Mosquitoes inside room. Free WiFi is not connected, very less Bandwidth. Spend 2 hours & money wasted in calls with Bharatbooking to Sort out this issue before check-in to hotel. The hotel owner requested to spend the night here & next day morning he will shifted us to another property i.e. 'HightRange Inn'. This has been confirmed from Bharatbooking as well. 2) "HighRange Inn" Munnar on 5th Nov 2016 :- Wasted our half day for shifting from "Emerald Inn" hotel to "HighRange Inn" hotel in Munnar The toilets are leaked from the backside. When you apply flush water comes out from the backside. Wash basins also leaked. 3) The driver (Naushad - 792) was driving with completely irresponsible behavior. We have luckily saved almost twice from the accident. As per the agreed tour itinerary, we supposed to cover Photo Point, Jungle Honey Bee Nest, Madupetty Dam/Lake, DTPC Boating, Elephant Arrival Spot, Cinema Shooting Point, Echo Point, GundalaLake, Spice Plantation, Pothamedu Sunset View in Munnar. But he has covered "Rajmachi" only for 5 hours. (2 hours in queue for bus & 3 hours for sight visiting). By doing this he gets Rest & his Diesel is also saved. He is a Big Cheater. 4) "Charles Premier inn" Thekkady on 6th Nov 2016 :- Here we were, completely surprised when we reached in a hotel, they told us your booking is not confirmed. The Bharatbooking driver also surprised as he had details to shift us in "Charles Premier inn" hotel. After communicating with Bharatbooking, finally come to know that our hotel stays is changed to "Horn Bill Cottage". This has been not confirmed with us initially. Completely messes up. We have again wasted 2 hours to get all these clarifications. 5) "Horn Bill Cottage" Thekkady on 6th Nov 2016 :- "Horn Bill Cottage" is not a hotel it's a Cottage. Tube light is not working. Only one light is working. Lots of mosquitoes & Lizard are moving inside the room. Only a single person who is very rude in nature, giving the service by calling on his mobile number or going down to call him personally. We have waited for 45 minutes to get hot water for a bath but the water heater is not working at all. For Breakfast, Tea with Bread provided. 6) AC DELUXE HOUSEBOAT Alleppey on 7th Nov 2016 This is the lowest grade ordinary houseboat where Diesel smells inside the room. When we started AC in the night, it's gas started leaked out and the lights are gone for 30 minutes. We moved out of room & finally come to know that AC cannot be started. Lots of mosquitoes and Lizard moves on Ceiling when we go to bed. How can a family with 2 year child and 2 senior citizens stay here? This is really bad experience with hotels provided & not covered the places which has been agreed by Bharatbooking company.

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