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Bhakiyaraj M on 19 October 2016
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Tikona no 1 fake service

my user id is 6131 and contact no 8885 my life end stage for so many time complaint customer tikona service for 0000 time my postpaid bill payment also monthly 1000 rs but your connection worst but too much complaint daily 20 times call also complaint customer care but still not rectified still now 4 time calling from your staff but your worst service also call recording my phone and i will suicide for life so verification only i will sent mail verification for md mail id kindly take my problem otherwise i will suicide time will publish all news paper tv and watssapp audio record for your staff voice.please contact gowri service contact says for clarification he know every thing my life end stage and rectify my problem thats all last 2 week so many problem your net connection 04 th oct one person contact from tikona head office and service engineer gowri also came but not rectified my problem . she says rectify my problem losses my amount and net connection properly today also one person contact from chennai also so many time complaint from tikona customer but still now my phone call my not pick and tikona customer no also changed my health also problem .please contact further action your side then i will contact consumer court then i will publish all record voice voice call my no details payment also then i will suicide only reason for my problem tikona service and my money amount losses 5 lakhs also but so many contact but not give proper answer so will suicide shortly and bit notice watsapp group message also sent shortly .this my last chance of my life i got 03 months problem 0000 times complaint 3434 but still now not completed then ask one person consumer court ,he say first complaint consumer court then process and i know tikona service worst and fake service too much time call time and 05 service engineer but rectified my porolem not connection and i already paid advance payment of 2300rs waste for tikona service .i will plan suicide and publish watsapp and news paper and television also but truely inform that inform shortly i loss my huge amount my life also i two time accident also 5 lakhs for share trading because for reason tikona worst service take 0000 time complaint and 30time email also,but still not completed problem .so many time call from tikona customer ask do not fell or not suicide also then not rectified my problem.last time 2016 12:30time call ask so many question for tikona service rectify money problem .kindly take needful action,but two so many problem for proper not connection i time,reliance also spoke with informational suicide show my bill payment for detail sent tikona call but not pay for proper answer two days will suicide time take cyber video publish also.

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