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Sheeba Khan on 07 October 2011
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Britannia NutriChoice biscuit too oily and greasy for diabetic patients

I was just having the biscuit marketed by Britannia ' nutri choice'. Its popularly advertised as good for health and good for diabetics too with very low fat but I am sorry to inform my fingers were all greasy with the amount of oil content, I was shocked to see this. Its advertised as high fiber content (may be) and low fat status but I am suspicious about their claims. I was bit disheartened as I was suppose to take this for my mom back home as she is diabetic and blood pressure patient. But as a consumer I want to know how can any company and that too a company like Britannia can promote something like this. Its my personal observation and experience which made me raise this question on them. Either they should clearly say its good for health leaving this 'good for diabetic patient' clause as it may lead patients to go for wrong believes and have health hazards, no matter whatever unhealthy they may be taking otherwise by their choice and in their knowledge.