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Bf Dsouza on 19 September 2016
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Brazen openly executed swindles by Idea Cellular

I just started using my Idea SIM for PC net usage via the dongle. Having initially purchased 1GB - 3G data, when it reached a balance of 48 mb I paid for another GB. Imagine my shock when I found that my balance was 1019mb after the 1GB purchase without any trace of the existing 48mb balance. Lodged a complaint both through My account and phoned Customer care SR 212. Response received was as per their 'terms and conditions' which I could check on their website the existing balance lapses when Customers purchase additional data. (1) The response is ridiculous, overbearing and it seems Idea treat that customers as so much chattel to be fleeced as they see fit. (2) I checked the website for these 'terms and conditions' and did not find any. Also I have not signed my consent on these so called 'terms and conditions' when I took the new prepaid connection a little over a month back. (3) If Idea were not totally indifferent/uncaring of Customer rights then they would know that they have a responsibility to inform new Customers at least once prior to the refill data purchase of this 'lapse' as they call it so that unwary, innocent Customers would be warned in order that they could use their balance. (4) If they deliberately withhold this information and then inform them after the event then it is clearly a case of fraud. (5) I have been regularly using Airtel's 3G data for PC net access and not once have I experienced an instance of a 'lapse' of my existing balance. In fact the existing data has been added to the freshly purchased data and the new validity date has been applied to it on every occasion. (6) I have paid for every mb of the 1 GB data purchased with my money, so what right has Idea got to pick my pocket claiming 'terms & conditions'. The 48 mb is mine till the validity date and I have every right to use it as I see fit. (7) What part of the huge annual Sales Turnover of over Rs. 00/- crores is accounted by these kind of blatant Customer swindles?

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Idea Cellular


We wish to inform you that the matter is currently being followed up and we will revert to you at the earliest.



BF Dsouza

'Justice delayed is Justice denied'

(1)Essentially it means even if the 'fleeced' data is credited back eventually the delayed period renders such a resolution both meaningless & valueless. Why? Because the Customer has spent time/effort whose equivalent value is many times more than the value of the 'skimmed' data. Since already 5 days have passed since the matter was first communicated to Idea as per SR 1-78506484212 there is nothing more left to say.

(2) Idea Executives are still calling to make queries such as - When did you purchase the 1GB? instead of swiftly resolving the issue. With the service request number already communicated as SR 1-78506484212 what is the need to dilly-dally? Why make endless enquiries when the matter is only worth 48mb of data? Is the Idea organisation destitute?

(3) During the communication with the Customer Care Executive today I learnt that no such 'Terms & Conditions' exist which say the existing data lapses when the customer purchases more data. Then why did the earlier 2 independent Customer Care Executives deceive me claiming it as fact and one of them claimed that I could find these so called "terms & conditions' on their Idea Cellular website? Is it a policy of Idea to deceive their customers by telling lies?

(3) I hereby communicate to Idea that if my 'paid for' data is not credited by them in the next 24 hours then any resolution thereafter is valueless. I donate it back to them since they are so hard up & poverty-stricken that they need to pickpocket 48mb from their customers. Bechare Kangal hai. Kya kare?

Idea Cellular


We wish to inform you that the matter is already in followed up and we will revert to you at the earliest.



BF Dsouza

'Justice delayed is Justice denied' as already communicated before.

(1) Six days since my complaint and Idea's response is 'matter is already in followed up'. What is the meaning of this expression 'matter is already in followed up'?

(2) I am sorry that since my last communication on the 21st Sept. I had given Idea 24 hours to credit the data they cheated data me of which they have failed to do.

(3) Hence I demand now that Idea pay me a penalty of 48mb for each of the six days they have not credited back my pick pocketed data. So they should now pay me 288mb today 336mb tomorrow and so on.

(4) Actually this is the usual type of Customer Care that Idea practices viz. resolutions & service requests are delayed on and on and on. So that Customers with genuine grievances have to spend huge amount of time & effort to resolve their grievances.

(5) Idea simply do not care for the value of their Customer's time spent on resolving genuine grievances where Idea has committed the offence in the first place.

(6) In case a Customer grievance is eventually resolved after the long struggle/trial that Idea has put the Customer through then it is the Customers' persistence that has acquired the resolution by forcing it out of Idea and not a resolution given by Idea at all.

(7) The full credit for obtaining the resolution goes to the Customer one hundred percent but still the customer has lost since the value of his/her time spent on getting the resolution has worked out to tens of times more than the value of the compensation.

BF Dsouza

It is 8 days today since I lodged my complaint with Idea and the SMS received from Idea is irrefutable evidence to confirm this truth. The SMS on 16-09-2016 at 19:24:18 is as follows;

Dear Customer Your concern for WEB is registered and would be actioned by 17/09/2016 07:24:00 PM. SR No. 1-78506484212. To know the status of this SR kindly sms ST 1-78506484212 to 12345. Thank You.

The Cust. Care Exec. who called me yesterday attempted to deceive me claiming that my complaint was only 3 days old as posted on Grahak Seva and that no complaint was registered with Idea that SR No. 1-78506484212 was for the earlier complaint for the 3GB compensation. After I read the above SMS to her and the next one on the 17th that closed the complaint she said she would check with the concerned team why they closed the complaint. How is this knowledge of any value to me? The ruthless act of killing a Customer complaint without resolution was carried out by Idea in a day; reflecting a high-handed overbearing attitude to Cust. Grievances.

The SMS recd. from Idea on 17-09-2016 at 16:31:21 reads as follows;

Dear Customer Your concern for WEB could not be resolved. Kindly contact customer care. SR 1-78506484212. Thank You. A phone call recd. from Cust. Care claimed 'your existing data lapses when you purchase more as per our terms & conditions that you can check as in our website'. In other words they meant 'we will not resolve' clearly expressing their arrogance wrt Cust. grievances. The Cust. Care is more likely in reality a Cust. Quashing/Exterminating team.

Accordingly I demand that Idea pay me 48mb x 8 i.e. 384mb today 48 x 9 = 432 mb tomorrow etc. for every day they retained my swindled data after my intimation on the 16th Sept. They should have credited it back the very same day after I intimated them both by registering my complaint online as well as by phoning Cust. Care. Or it means they are destitute kangal and if so I donate it to them willingly.

If they are claiming the 'lapsing of data is as per their rules then let them show me these rules that are available publicly for Customers reference purposes. And also let them produce my signature that signifies my consent to these rules.

Idea Cellular


As per your recent telecon with our customer service associate we wish to affirm that your aforesaid concern has been discussed and addressed. For further assistance kindly contact our Idea customer care helpline.



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