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Atanu Bandyopadhyay on 05 September 2016
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Passport not working properly in anywhere.

I received my passport with a bad lamination within it. I want to make complaint against the quality check team of PSK. Last time when I was traveling for an international trip to Sri Lanka I got treated as a criminal in every airport. Though I submitted all the proper documents in the time of passport making I don't know what is the problem with that, it is not getting scanned in any of the airports. As a result of which I had to face a lot of questions and wait for several hours. I'm facing basic two problems for that... One is that I'm losing several opportunities from my company to travel around, and not one is that I am facing an embarrassing situation in every places though I am a responsible citizen of India by birth. I would like to draw the attention of the corresponding authority to not only my problem but rather problem of thousand of Indians regarding the same.

Varun Bansal

Dear You have to file complaint in Human Rights by which your complaint will directly heard before judges because it is case of negligence. It is a easy way to make your process fast.You will get justice as soon by this.You have no need to go anywhere. You can file complaint via this portal online.


So just goto this website and file Human Rights Complaint.They will surely help you to resolve matter. you can also contact them on 07696145446