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Dattatraya Yalsangiker on 23 August 2016
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Reliance Internet Cheat/Bluffing Customer on 4G connections

Hello Team, I had purchased a reliance 3G dongle in the month of Jan 2016 for my work with a plan for 10GB, 3G data and Unlimited 2G after 10 GB usage at 00/- Per month. The device cost me arond 00/- INR. After April, this was incrawsed to 70/- ( Tax added). In june 016, I got an email saying the network will be upgraded to 4G and you need to buy 4G device for 00/- INR. Before upgrade, I confirmed with Reliance Customer care and Service center at Bangalore and Kalaburagi about the data usage plan and was assured that the plan will remain same after the upgrade. Today 016, I got an email that with my consent or not, my data plan will be changed and it is mandatory for me to upgrade. The problem is i am being charged at a higher price and data usage is reduced to 70%, its now 75/- + taxes. This is a clear case of cheating their customers. Below is the chat conversation i had with reliance. Dattatraya: I had reliance Wipod 3G device which i bought in Jan Dattatraya: recently i got a call for upgrading abuot 4G Kamlesh Kumar : As of now, I am unable to place it from our end. Dattatraya: and to buy a new device at discounted price Dattatraya: I was told that my plan will remain same after 4G upgrade Dattatraya: today i received an email that the plan will change Dattatraya: this was not informed during the time of upgrade, Why without my approval the things are changed? Kamlesh Kumar : I do understand your concern. Kamlesh Kumar : If you have got the mail regarding the changes , so it will be effect in future. Dattatraya: But this was not informed during the upgrade Dattatraya: i was assured that the plan remains same Dattatraya: now the bill amount is high and the data is reduced to 70% Dattatraya: isn't it unfair? Dattatraya: now i am in loss of 2000/INR Kamlesh Kumar : So what do you want to do now ? Dattatraya: i want justice for this, Either increase the dataplan or i want to talk to your superiors and want a satisfactionary answer. Dattatraya: You people promised something and without informing me, making me to pay more Kamlesh Kumar : But mail has been send as per company policy. Kamlesh Kumar : It has not been send personally. Dattatraya: I am not asking about the email. Dattatraya: Before my connection was upgraded to 4G, you people promised that the data plan will not change Kamlesh Kumar : I do understand your concern. Dattatraya: i asked this question to Customer care and in service center also Dattatraya: and the response was same Dattatraya: that plan will remain same Kamlesh Kumar : I do understand your concern. Dattatraya: then why there is an email now? isn't it like you people are cheating and bluffing your own customers? Kamlesh Kumar : But till now your plan has not been changed. Dattatraya: it will change in next billing cycle isn't it? Kamlesh Kumar : As of now, we do not have confirmation for the same. Kamlesh Kumar : Just you have got a mail. Dattatraya: Yes, but what if it gets upgraded Dattatraya: I speciafically use this for my office work Dattatraya: and 5 Gb is enough, thats the reason i went for reliance Kamlesh Kumar : I am providing you the plan link. Kamlesh Kumar : You can check the plans. Kamlesh Kumar : The link for 4G data plans is as follow :http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/4G/ Dattatraya: i have the link Dattatraya: but my query is , why this is a force upgrade from reliance Dattatraya: I never asked reliance to upgrade my sim to 4 G or change the data plan Kamlesh Kumar : Because CDMA services had been completely shut down . Kamlesh Kumar : Not only your , all customers has been migrated to 4 G services Dattatraya: Migration to 4G isnt a problem Dattatraya: data usage is 70% reduced Dattatraya: and i was promised that i would get 10 GB 4G data after the ugrade which is due as well

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Dattatraya Yalsangiker

Dear Reliance Communications

Got a call and spoke to Mr.Bhajrang and Ms. Anagha from your team. below are the discussion points.

1. There are ~60000 users whose rental plan has been changed without their consent.

2. They agreed that an email was sent to all users stating their data plan would not change after migration.

3. There is a discussion ongoing within Reliance Business team and new Plans will be shared but this would take months of time and there is no ETR for this.

4. If the dispute do not get settled in my next billing cycle I will not be paying any amount to reliance. This has been officially accepted by Reliance Representative.

5. If the issue gets fixed and due to the misleading changes by Reliance if i get an excessive bill. I would be waived of the extra amount and would required to pay only my data rental plan.

6. There will be a follow up comments on facebook Link on the updates on my request.

7. The issue still stands unresolved and i am yet to hear from Reliance.



Suhas Mv

Dear customers. Recharged my reliance CDMA with Rs.2999 on 13th Aug 2016. Service got disconnected on 15th Aug asking for upgradation. Calling the customer care asking my money back or continue the plan on 4g. Only answer I got is "sorry sir the plan has changed money can't be returned". I asked him to connect to higher up made me wait for one hour and the call was cut. They have been making cheap business trick or fraud in this case. We need to unite and fight back in this issue. Signing the patition Mr Arun.

Himanshu Beohar

Facing the same issue...such a fraud company...will stop the connection and will never associate with reliance also suggest my friends to stay away from it.

Dattatraya Yalsangiker

Dear Reliance Communications The issue is still outstanding. There is no update from you people. As said above. I am not going to pay any bills for the 3000 loss i incurred buying a fraud plan.

Dattatraya Yalsangiker

Dear Reliance communication. Its been a week you have not addressed the concern I have emailed you people to terminate my connection.

Dear all

I haven't seen any reply for the below Email and the incident has crossed it's SLA so assuming you people are happy with my approach on not paying the bills.

i am requesting you to please terminate the connection "9341050148" assigned to me "Dattatraya Yalsangiker"

Take this email as my approval for termination of the connection.

My billing date is 05-Sept-2016 and i do not want to incur any more bill/usage beyond it.

It was a fraud and buffing game/service which is given by Ambani owned company.

Reliance is no more a trustworthy company.



On Mon Aug 29 2016 at 4:58 PM Dattatreya Yalsangiker <> wrote:


I never accepted and requested for plan change.

Could you be so kind to give a call back to me.

+91 9916446862 and I am very much reachable 24*7.

Unless i get answers for my queries I am denying any kind of offers or services from reliance.

Please treat this email as confirmation and if I do not hear back within 24 hours from now I assume reliance has accepted to my terms above.



On 29-Aug-2016 16:54 "rcom4g@relianceada.com" wrote:

Dear Mr. Datta

We have gone through your email dated 28-Aug-2016 for your Reliance number 9341050148 and regret the dealy in response.

We take this as a feedback to improve our services to meet your expectations.

Kindly note that your current plan is 4G_675_3GB.

Thank you for letting us know about your experience with 4G services. We apologize if our services did not meet your expectations and appreciate you taking time to share your concerns.

We assure you that the new 4G plan is best fit for you as per your data usage pattern and will help you to fully experience the best in class Reliance 4G services. Being a 4G customer we can

also choose a 4G plan based on your requirement.

For our exciting 4G plans you can refer the below link:


If you wish to change your 4G data tariff plan please write to us with the following details:

Required data Plan:

Alternate No :

Suitable time to contact:

The details furnished by you would enable us to assist you better.

Further if you have any concern then we request you to write to us on rcom4g@relianceada.com

Assuring you of our best services always.

Thank you for choosing Reliance.


Shweta Shetty

Officer - Customer Care

Reliance Communications Limited

Feel free to call us at our 24X7 Contact Center. Our Customer service executives will be happy to assist you

From Registered no

From Non-Registered Phones

Website / Email support


30335555 / 1800-3000-5555

Website: http://www.rcom.co.in

Email : Netconnect.Broadband@relianceada.com

Now you can get online help through 'Live Chat' option on our website. Log on to rcom.co.in between 09:00 Hours to 22:00 Hours for assistance.

You can view your bills and make payments online through http://myservices.relianceada.com for all RCOM services. Please register yourself on the portal. For difficulties in registration please write to myservices@relianceada.com.

Request: For us to receive your email please limit the email size to 5 MB (Maximum).

The information provided is based on prevailing terms and conditions of the company which are subject to change without prior notice. This electronic message transmission contains information from Reliance Communications & is confidential or privileged. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient beware that any disclosure copy distribution or use of the contents of this information is prohibited. If you have received the electronic transmission in error please notify us immediately.

--- Original Message ---

On August 28 2016 at 4:31 PM "Dattatreya Yalsangiker" wrote:

Dear team

May I get an update on this??

On 28-Aug-2016 12:10 PM "rcom4g@relianceada.com" wrote:

Dear Mr. Datta

We acknowledge your email dated August 25 2016 for your Reliance number 9341050148 and regret the inconvenience caused.

Your complaint has already been registered wrongly plan change vide Service Request ID: 249270275 on August 25 2016 at 04:09 PM and it will be resolved latest by 04:10 PM.

We would appreciate your patience and cooperation in this regard.

Thank you for letting us know about your experience with 4G services. We apologize if our services did not meet your expectations and appreciate you taking time to share your concerns.

We assure you that the new 4G plan is best fit for you as per your data usage pattern and will help you to fully experience the best in class Reliance 4G services. Being a 4G customer we can

also choose a 4G plan based on your requirement

For our exciting 4G plans you can refer the below link:


We understand the concern and have made a note of your feedback and we assure that necessary action will be taken against this feedback.

Further if you have anty concern kindly write to us.

Assuring you of our best services always.

Thank you for choosing Reliance.

Warm regards

Akshay Patil

Officer - Customer Care

Reliance Communication Limited.

--- Original Message ---

On August 25 2016 at 4:23 PM "Dattatreya Yalsangiker" wrote:

Hello team

I have received an email from Reliance that my 4G plan will be changed to the default plan.

I have few queries I was forced to go for a 4G device from a 3G which i purchased few months back

I have totally paid 2100 INR for both the device and the 3G is of no use now and i have the bear the cost of it.

I have the below email from you saying the plan will not change post migration But it seems you could not keep your words and faked the offer and cheated customers like me.

You did not gave an option to us whether to opt for a post paid plan or move away from realiance.

The new email just says the plan will be changed with or without consent of mine.

This is a case of fruad which you people are doing.

I am writing this email to you since i am very unhappy with the service and if i do no replay any acknowledgement number for this email from you

It will be treated as an official confirmation that you have duped us and it will be taken as an approval from you that "you allow me not to pay the bill for the current billing cycle"

I reiterate " if i do not hear back from you for this email on or before 26-Aug-2016 11:59PM I shall not be paying any bill for the current cycle for my reliance connection"

Registered Complaint number: 249270275

Connection Number : 9341050148

Thank you for your reply



Dattatraya Yalsangiker

This is Still outstanding Nothing helps

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