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Rishi Upadhaya on 15 April 2016
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Digiperform is making fool of people

The only institute that can make you looser in digital marketing by taking your hard earned money and you will get nothing other than the basic introduction.

The support after completion of course was also of zero level.

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Adarsh Kumar

We don’t understand anything and the trainers keeps on speaking and speaking. Is it the right way to train? I say a big NO.

Sarika Patel

Digiperform training is not worth of price. You should feel shame to give this level of training to us. I came to become a expert but your level is not to make me expert.

Himanshu Shukla

No any industry expert for the lectures and training. Freshers were there to take the class. They teach us like beginners.

Garvit Kumar

They are really making fool of people as there C.P. centre trainer donot have that much knowledge what there sales guy claims

Virendra Rajpoot

Client servicing after sales is very bad.No bother about there student.Greedy about money

Akshat Khampariya

Digiperform is the worst institute as per my experience .They know only one thing is how to pull out money from the pocket .They are biggest liars

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