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Navneet Singh on 09 September 2011
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Pf not received, I have received the message from bp-epfo is that your claim ID is mhban110400076984 is under process

Dear sir I navneet singh applied for pf in dec2010.In april 2011 I have received the message from bp-epfo is that your claim ID is mhban110400076984 is under process u will received the amount with in 60 to 90days.Now till date I have not received any amount.So I request to u plz help me for this issue.My pf is in bandra mumbai.My pf details are given below: 1.Form 10c(withdraw benefit/Scheme certificate)for acct no mhban00481850000004855 and claim ID mhban110400076984. 2.Form 19 settlement for member for acct no mhban00481850000004855 and claim ID mhban110400076825. Regards navneet singh 0716

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Mandalapu Venkateswarlu

My claim was rejected due to reasons not mentions I have an ID please inform me how to rectifier my problem form 10c (withdrawal benifit/Scheme certificate) for acct thvsh01172510000006616 recd on 02.06.12 and claim ID thvshi20600005374 is under process next 19/06/12 form 10c rejected in my application we will send mail one mounth ago but not proccess and form 10c pf how many days should take time pls send mail

thank u

Sunil Rajak


Lav Singh

Dear sir

pls reply why my member ID rejected?

but I have already check my ID is correct and check our pf balance on this member ID

meber ID no.Dsnhp00259320000005951

so pls resolve my problem

my mobil no 8006444449

name-lav singh


Dear sir

I want to know the blance pf amount

pf no :50346/2552

mobile no :8754896113

I have received message from bz-epfo that approved through cheque payment under process pls proved my cheque soon as possible because I need for money medical use pls transper to money my acc

thank you

thank you


Vijayadear sir

I received msg from bz epfo claim ID_grrjy121200002360 member account no grrjy00428430000000727 has been rejected

what should I do again I will apply for pf so plz resolve my problem my ph no-8125772220

Lavanya Kamjula

dear sir ihad received msg from bz-epfo that approved throgh cheque payment the id number is tnmas130100027032 so please ow can i check my balance with this number