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Zeeshan Abedin on 07 May 2011
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Problem in booking railway ticket via handicapped quota

I am handicapped with my right leg. I have concession certificate issued from patna govt hospital but in okhla railway station new delhi I M always facing problem in making railway ticket on handicapped quota. Person sitting behind the window for booking tickets always trying to highlights the error and refuse to make ticket on the certificate. But same certificate can easily be executed on patna railway station.When I tried to talk with reservation officer he misbehave with me. So I requested to take some action against okhla staffs,reservation officer and its station master regards zeeshan abedin h.No-r1 near quadri masjid st. No.-07 zakir nagar new delhi-110025

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Online railway ticket booked from I.R.C.T. On handicap cota

V. Ganesh

My brother is having a certificate -on account of mental retardation - to avail rail travel concession with an escort. But it is unfortunate that no online reservation facility is available for such handicapped persons. Rlwy dept must seriously consider this issue.


Dear all

I think our railway department is not concerned about handicapped person. Doesnt they know that who is handicap if they know then how can they ask a disabled person walk in to railway station for ticket booking I think they lost their thinking capacity of realty based disabled should be the first to give online registration preferences. The so called railway department is taking care of ministers as they book ticket without any delay so I think expecting from railway department is like expecting last drop of water while dying....hopefully these people will understand the problem and will initiate something as soon as possible.


Sir I am an handicapped person. I am not able to book the railway reservation ticket through online. Can u send reply to me and also the online booking system for handicapped when to be started and I hope the railway department will initiate something as soon as possible.


There should be method to book ticket from irtctc in this quota.........

Santosh Choudhary

Sir I am 70% physically handicapped quota along with city hospital panna (M.P.)I have internet facility too. How to book reservation for me from my computer to avail quota.