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Manoj on 05 September 2011
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Aadhar card issue- facing too many problems

I, manoj r/O sant nagar burari delhi-110084 had reached at cross road sant ngar burari delhi - 84 aadhar card centre, in residential flat., I was waste my half day and mentally disturb. I had gone in afternoon there and he told we will take the form (aadhaar) those who will in ‘q’ so first off all I have taken my position in ‘q’ but after standing 4 hrs. He refuse me to make a card what is my fault and why is he refuse me tell me what they have that type of right. I am not only person who is victim of that type many person are facing that type of problem. This is not right way to handle person. I am feeling bad or disturb and waste my full. Tell me who is responsible for this loss.

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Shakti Kumar Jain

Aadhar enrollment details:


08/12/2011 18:34:53

the above details are for aadhar card of mine which is not received till date. On checking from aadhar web site I get the following message:-"could not process the request please try later."

S Sinha

My mother aged about 75 years & her finger impression are not clear so after trying twice she is unable to prepare aadhar card. Kindly advise.

Rasham Singh Meen


my account number wrong add in computer.

Please my help me.

Prasad P

I have taken my aadar card at jalahalli aiarforce station postoffice. In acknowlegdge ment copy my address is ok.While I recd my aadar card by post in that my address is not ther.Only my mob no and name is appearing.Now what is use of this card.Seeing the mob no postman called I given address to delever.

Narayan Prasad

Enorlment no. 1190/31137/27666

dated : 31/07/2012

aadhar card not recieved till date

S Vijay Krishna

Hello everyone

I hope this would resolve most of the queries

see the nearest enrollment centre at the following link


please check the status of your enrollment on this link


please take a printout online once you see your details enrolled at this link


note : please use the site in the evening or night hours as it may not respond during day time due to heavy trafiic.


s vijay krishna

citizen volunteer