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Vivek Mahajan on 07 May 2011
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Cheated by Orra diamond on good faith

Appended below is the detailed contents of the letter I wrote to orra diamond on 4-5-11 about the humiliating & un-professional attitude of their staff & how I was duped by them: dear rosyblue / Orra, I felt very insulted & annoyed visiting your store in ludhiana, india by your staff ms. Kuldeep kaur. My office is on the 1st floor of the same building where your showroom is located. In april 009, first time I went to your showroom & bought a platinum ring for my wife & subsequently I was perused by another staff member mrs. Dolly to enroll for a monthly kitty for rs.2000.00 in my wife’s name etc. As my wife never visited your store for kitty, I use to pay the kitty amount to ms. Kuldeep or mrs. Dolly. As it was not a routine practice for me, I never asked for the receipt on a good faith. 1 or 2 times I was provided the receipt at the showroom & 1 receipt was sent to my office. Total 3 receipt’s I got. It never came in to my mind that it can be a loss to me. Once I forgot the kitty for 1 month & gave rs.4000.00 next month to either of the one of your staff, which I clearly remember, but was never entered in their records. The payment for last 2 kitties only (rs.4000.00) was to be paid. When my wife visited your store few months back to clear the same, was told that payment for the total 5 kitties is balance. This was a shock to me. Anyhow, I told my wife that there is no point in arguing now, as it is my mistake not to get all the receipts & maybe it is a lesson for me not to trust anyone on financial matter and would give them the total amount rs.10,000.00 & clear the chapter. For this purpose, I went to your store to meet ms. Kuldeep kaur to clear the total balance. Before starting the conversation, I noticed that she was very uncomfortable. I had a very good repo with her, as on aug-10; I DID my second purchase also. I just told her in a very healthy tone that I’ve come here to clear the total balance as per her records. Though, I have lost rs.6000.00 in kitty account but expect you to give me a better discount in my next purchase to cover the loss. That’s all. She immediately started speaking in a very loudly & unhealthy manner, like what do you mean that we are cheat, it is your responsibility to take receipt, & other foul words etc. I was literally taken aback. I told her that I am here to clear the total amount you have asked for & never said you anything harsh. But she seemed to be in a pre conceived notion, that she has to say these words to me anyway, whenever I visit her for the same. It was really very shocking. I just told her that the words you are saying to me were actually to be told by a customer to you. But in my case I’M giving you the total money & asking you to clear the same. But, it seems that she was not expecting such gentle behavior from me. She might’ve expecting that I would argue with her, & when I DID not, she got confused & started speaking the foul language what she might’ve been rehearsing for long. I feel very lucky that while making purchase in aug-10, I was again being lured to enroll in a kitty & this time for rs.10, .00. Which, I never opted. Otherwise, the future loss would’ve been much higher. Anyhow, I handed over rs.10, 0.00 to her & asked for the receipt. By hearing her raised voice, some other person of your staff came & asked me that I should go to my office & he would send the invoice & would collect the money afterwards; as the system is not working right know. And she banged the money on the table. What an attitude! it was 10:40am in the morning. Around 3:30pm I called up that gentleman (his name I dn’t know) & was told that the system is still not working. At 6pm I again called up & got the same reply. When I insisted for a confirmed reply, I was told to contact in the morning. What a reply! I feel they are doing it deliberately just to harass me & it also feels like that I’ve purchased something from a roadside vendor. Very un-professional attitude. I would request you to pl. Look in to the matter & ask them to clear the account. It was a very humiliating experience in deed. Maybe in india, it is never paid attention to train your staff in good customer behavior / Relationship etc. Ultimately, these types of instances would bring bad name to your organization & would loose customers. Sincerely, vivek mahajan ps: I’ve written this just because of the rude behavior of your staff, not otherwise.

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