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Khushi on 01 September 2011
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Charge of fraud against Zoom TV star bonanza

Star bonanza tv show which is telecast on zoom cheats on people.. strict action should be taken against them I lost my money but at least other people should not be fooled.

Dinesh Dahiya

Yes I appreciate with khushi I lost my money rs. 132/- After calling a number 5664468. Strict action should be taken against them.


Yes even I join hands for this protest !!!


Its really a fraud game.


They earn money by charging innocent people.

It is open loot and something needs to be done.

Same type of show on e24 : "bollywood tambola"

my tv : "bollywood tambola"

zoom tv : "bollywood bonanza"

I think there may be some more channels that do the same.

Lets write to the ministry and check if there is some hope from the government to save our innocent victims....

please check this out: