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Ninad More on 06 August 2011
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When will I get the money back from Speak Asia

Respected sir / Madam, we invested rs. ,000 (for 3 accounts) in the recent much debatable online survey company aka speakasia online around 20th of april. Thou the entire scheme was too good to believe, however since some of our close friends had invested money in it since dec'10 / Jan'11 based on there feedback and consultation we DID invested the money hoping for a second income for the household. We have been regularly taking part in the survey's provided by the company. Since the time the media reported of a scam by speakasia online, we are awaiting to get some relief. However, it's just been a blame game. I had sent few emails to there customer care but all I get in response is that "we are not allowed to process the money to your account by rbi". I have already completed 28 survey's on each account which is equivalent to rs. 4000 (28 X 500) X 3 (accounts) = rs. 2000 plus the joining bonus for 3 account which was rs. 000. So the total sum amounts to rs. 000. Now that the company has come up with a exit option where we need to send them an email from our registered email address and have a refund of our invested money; the company clearly states that "if the panelists exit, it is his sole responsibility to satisfy the queries raised by any authorities of the money coming in his bank account." Also the than mention that "payments will start as soon as our accounts are opened and tt send by us are not returned by banks in india as has been happening since middle of the may. We are corresponding with rbi and requested them to support us in returning there money." Now in the above circumstance even if I opt to exit out of this, I am still not if and when will I get the money back. Also to bring this to your notice now this website is not accessible at all as it is giving the following error: server error in '/' application. ---- Could not load file or assembly 'ajaxcontroltoolkit' or one of its dependencies. There is not enough space on the disk. (Exception from hresult: 0x80070070) kindly guide us in the right direction as we have complete lost hope. Thanks & regards, ninad more

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Me n my friend ankita invested 22000 rs.... I know its all gone..police must have taken the bribe n left them..

Shatabdi Bhowmick

I have invested 33 000 in the month of may'11 hoping for an extra income and even filled up surveys till it allowed however all went in vain till now am not getting any positive news all false promises. Can anybody tell me what is the probable date of getting the money back?

Lobsang Tsering

I also invested 33000 in speakasia... hw can I get back my money....

Prem Kumar Tiwari

I want my money back from speak asia I need it at most .If your blame game is over u need to refund my money back

Prem Kumar Tiwari

I invested rs 11000 on name of speakasia .It claims were so realistic that I too came in its fraudatic arena . Now I am hoping for my money back and want to appeal to court to take some legal action regarding this concern it's been a year and haven't receive a single penny since then.

Abhishek Wadhwani

I invested 11000 ...kindly help me for claim the refund.....


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