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Mrs Seshan on 27 July 2011
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Complaint against Best bus conductor

Dear sir or madam, I would like to bring to your attention that particularly bus no. 85 conductors are extremely irresponsible . Several times and also on the 27th july 2011 when I boarded the bus no. 85 from prabhadevi to get down at haji ali the conductor inspite of looking how many people are boarding the bus hurried up and rang the bell as a result I was about to loose my balance and fall , I hurried up pulled myself into the running bus. I hope this brings to your notice how hazardous this can be. I could have fallen down and lost my life or would have got myself injured badly. The conductor of especially bus no. 85 do not wait for all the passengers to board inside and rings the bell before they get in. I have several times sprained my hand in pulling myself in the running bus. I have specified the date and the place so that you can find out from the register who was that conductor. For confidentially purpose I would not like my name to be reflected anywhere kindly take precaution . I would be happy to receive your response in this regard and would appreciate if stern steps are taken to avoid accidents and risks to life to common public.

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Conductor of bus number 20(batch number 12835)demamding more money than the regular cost

Roshan Dsouza

Bus number mh-01 la-5511 bus conductor rings the bell before the lady can get in . When she argues he says I saw no one getting in through the side mirror which is insane . If someone is short u just can't catch the person in the side mirror .

The bus is from santacruz depot and I boarded tht bus on 12 oct 2011 from shanti.Aaram bus depot at borivali at 1 pm

Alester Creado

Incident on 24th oct

place - lbs marg vikhroli (west)

bus stop - opp hdfc bank

bus route no 399 ltd

bus vehicle number - la 6471

there were many people trying to get in the bus as empty (2 busses of the same route were back to back) the condutor ignored the people who were trying to get in and signalled the driver to go ahead. Inspite of the requests from the passengers the driver just drove off. If some one would had fallen in the mess could had been left with grevious injuries.


Best from dindoshi to mulund. Conductor batch no. 43423 dt. 27th oct'11 . It was very bad & shameless incident wherein conductor was asking for change from eacch & every passanger. If they do not have change he has taken extra money & didnt return change. Lady with child get down from bus without taking change. Conduuctor fight VID lady like anything and used abusive language. When I tried to explain him no to use such bad language to poor lady. He started arguing with me & refuse to give change me too. He not evening having 2rs change. My question is best stared recruting bhai's or what because the way he spoke like he was not damn care about job. He fight with almost 6 to 7 passanges and unprofessional words. He earned almost 50 to 60 till my stop comes from passangers. Does best stopp giving bonus to employees as they started earning from passangers??need reply


Bus conductor of route 505 from bandra to cst bus no mh01-a-5215 on 27-07-2012 does not have the mannarism to talk to customer absuses verbally if asked for change n over n above which even says "he is doing a big service by distributing tickets in the bus" this is going above santity level of mumbai living standards

Pankaj Singh

Dear respective sir

today bus # 498- from sanghrash nagar to borivali(e) come at sangharsh nagar stop late its happen always but when bus come late all passengers take the bus and when we request bus conductor to leave the bus soon coz we are already late ... he started fighting and using bad unprofessional words... is this is the manner of any publice servent...? is there any one traet him how do they have to speak with our customer...? every one want a very quit and peacful morniing start to make all day happy...please - 2 someone take the step and treat him just one thing a good manner...