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Pradnya Patil on 26 July 2011
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Reliance energy bill complaint

Hello sir/ Madam we have been facing problems regarding our electricity bill for the account no: 0599 for the meter no:5649395. Initially when we had bses our bill use to be around500 to 600rs. Gradually when the reliance energy had taken over it increased to 1100 to 1300rs/ Month. But this month it has been 2000 rs which is not acceptable. There is definitely some problem with either the billing system or the meter. The whole month almost we were out of station and we own a 1bhk flat with minimum electronic appliances.I would request you to look into the matter asap. Looking forward for your prompt reply. Yours sincerely pradnya patil

Amir Khan

Dear sir

I have paid already reliance bill but still they sending me the bill I had told you to stop but no use please help us reliance is cheating with people there is lots of people like me




Dear pradnya patil

I would like to know more on ur raw deal we could be facing similar problem . Pls contact me on 9920072261