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Rajender Kumar on 05 May 2011
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Saptrishi sansthan's T.V. ad cheats & play with our feelings

Dear sir, myself rajender kumar living in new delhi(uttam nagar). Sir, I watched an advt. On tv of saptrishi sansthan it was sandhi sudha massage oil for joint pain (cost 00). According to tv advt. Sandhi sudha works & it remove joint pain. Saptrishi sansthan gives 15 days money back guarantee. My mother was suffring from joint pain for last 1 year. I ordered sandhi sudha. It delivered on 21 feb at 8:30 pm. I started massage from 22 feb.I applyed it daily 3-4 times but after 1 week it not worked even 1%. I called to saptrishi sansthan's customer care but thay replied that my complin will registed afer 4-15 days.I countinuously used the sandhi sudha oil for 13 days but 1 percent not effect.Then I retured the oil to sansthan. I dispatached it on 14th day(7th march) of delivery its take 3-4 days to reach there. Now the sansthan says that I retured it after 15 days so they can not give the money back. Sir, is it possible that thay register my complain on day 15th & courier must be reached there on same day. It takes minimum 3 days. Sir, I have 1 recording of telephone conversation of that customer care in which thay said that complain will registed after 4-15 days. Sir, please take some serious action about the sansthan because thay misguide the people and & play with their feeling.And I want my money back. Waiting for your action.....

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Op Verma

I too was planning to buy this oil but thought I should check up others experience. The way sandhi sudha people are spending heavily on ads is sure indication that product is doubtful and dubious. All of you people's complaints and experience has given warning to me.But how do we stop these people from committing this fraud? I think one way is by consumer courts. Some lawyer should be able to enlighten.

Raj Aryan

Ye sab saale jhute hai jaike sarif bhi kya kare saale ko industry me koi puchta nahi t V par product dikhata hai us ko pitna chhye


We must stand togather to stop this fraud. I was also planning to buy the product but when they insisted for cash I wwithdrew my hand. Those who have bought it must file criminal complaint.There are hundreds of similar name products and poor/Innocents are being fooled/Cheated it appears to be avery big fraud greater than 2g fraud . Police/Judiciary should take cognigence of the same and these must be stopped.


Dear mr. Kumar thanks for sensitizing oh god I was just about to order this for my mother as well. Thanks a ton. Jackie shroff can you please do something better and I see now govionda also doing the same come on guys wake up we follow your advice so please advice on something fruitful.


Dont play our feelings take action

S. Mon

Thousands of bangladeshi used sandhisudha fascinating after advertisement by jackie shroff and govinda like heros; but it was a real cheat and both the heroes were used in cheating the thousands. The saptarishi could be arrested to and brought to justice and indian govt should compensate thousands ; at the same time jackie and govinda can not claim to be innocent; they invovled advertising with a fradulent product and company.