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Aziz Ur Rehman on 11 July 2011
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Kotak Life insurance no refund of surrender value since last 2 months

Dear grahak seva, below is the last mail that I had sent to kotak which describes the details. I need your help please – I have been through a very tough time. It is not just the time- the peace of mind and impact on my work and personal life. They are even deleting data from online- so it is very clear that they are nothing but fraud- just have a big name and duping customers. I am not sure what systems they have and can we get access to their earlier responses. Also- when I called in their customer care- they DID not give me any other mail ID than this one, which is almost defunt. Secondly- for this kind of issue they do not give reference number. They said they take feedback- but do not know if they record it, forget it or send it elsewhere. Also- since no ref number- I cannot follow up. So at t least I enquired if they can give me a record of the phone conversation- they cannot do this as well. At the end the customer remains with merely nothing in his/Her hand ani am hoping that they will receive a good lesson if engage grahak seva. Also can there be rti filed to seek in formation. Also- I would like to know is kotak going through loses ? as my surrendered policy shows loses- I would be also interested to know how the customer is under loses when they are in profits from the reference of money that I gave them. Will look forward to hear from you. Please see my communication to them as below. Thanks and regards aziz dear mr. Deepak jain- finally I have a name in kotak life (harassment) insurance that I can connect to. Let me relist all the claims that I have gone through from kotak on this surrender: 9th may 2011– surrendered the policy along with deutsche bank cancelled cheque and direct transfer request- branch claimed I will receive amount in my account within 7 to 10 days. 23rd may 011- received a message stating that cheque sent through courier. After 14 days of surrender. 28th may 011- it was undelivered- why DID you send it to wrong address? 27th may or 28th may – I was told by a lady who called from kotaks mumbai office that I should go to branch and check from them only as she was supposed to ask for the right address??? why DID she call me? should she not have a copy of the surrender form. And she was very arrogant and also hang up phone when I tried to enquire further. 10th june 011- I went to branch and submitted the direct transfer form along with cancelled cheque (dda made a complaint but I think they DI not like it and they missed the cheque again or DID not process transfer again) between 10th june to 28th june – I made atleast 4 online compliants. The online complaint and my requests does not provide with log data specific to the dates complaint was raised and when you respond)- in the responses: 1. Around 15th june- I was informed that payment will be taransfered in 5 days. 2. Next response said that they can again send cheque – although I had been asking for direct transfer. 3. Next response that I saw on 27th said- they will transfer in next 4 days but again I DID not receive it in those 4 days also. 4. Plus you deleted all the above 3 responses from your side – now I see only two responses. Then I had been writing to you since 24th june but after several reminders and that nothing happened from the online claims, finally I received your message on 5th july that you will transfer within 3 to 4 days. But the irony is that kotak does not seem to have money to return to me. Today is saturday and I have again checked my bank- there is no transfer????? I am sorry to say that you should shut down the kotak life insurance policy as it is merely a harassment policy and makes no sense for people to buy a harassment policy. You mentioned in your mail that there were aberrations- and based on my history in this case- these aberrations were false claims and fraudulent!!! I am now going forward to put a severe complaint against kotak life insurance company. From: client service desk (central ops, kli) [mailto:clientservicedesk@kotak.Com] sent: 05 july 2011 19:15 to: @imentor.In CC: @imentor.In subject: re: policy 974- make direct transfer by monday- to be credited latest by tuesday 28th june 011. Importance: high dear mr. Aziz, at the outset, please accept our apologies for the aberration in our service standards that you have faced. Please be informed that the request for stop payment and direct transfer has been forwarded to our concerned team. The direct credit will be processed to your account in 3-4 working days. We once again apologize for the inconvenience caused and assure you that necessary corrective action would be taken to avoid recurrence of such lapse in future. For further queries please feel free to write to us or contact our client service desk on 8800 from monday to saturday between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Warm regards, deepak jain | customer care | kotak mahindra old mutual life insurance kotak towers, building no. 21, infinity park, off western express highway, goregaon mulund link road, malad east, mumbai 400097| 1800 209 8800 ( toll free) |(+9122) 6725 7452 ( fax) | @kotak.Com (email) sign up for the new sms keep track of your fund value, daily nav’s, request for premium certificates and statements etc at the click of your mobile. To register, sms regl policy number date of birth to 788. Example: if your policy no is 6274 and dob is 20th january 1970 70), then type regl 6274 970. Reminder!!!! what happened dear!? not wanting to give the money back? no reply? if I dei that means my family will never get the money of insurance, and neither any of your other clients?.Is it just a mockery? aziz from: aziz ur rehman [mailto:aziz@imentor.In] sent: 24 june 2011 23:08 to: @kotak.Com CC: @yahoo.Com subject: policy 974- make direct transfer by monday- to be credited latest by tuesday 28th june 011. To ? some sane person if exist in kotak life insurance or the chairman if he is sane!!! I surrendered my policy at new friends colony branch, new delhi on 9th may and filled in the surrender form with instructions for direct transfer to my deutsche bank account along with the cancelled cheque- as I was going to be away from home. I was told that the transfer would be done in max 10 days in my account. However- I received a message on my mobile on 23rd may I.E. 14 days later that cheque has been couriered to my address. Which when I tracked on courier company website- was returned. So I made compliant online that it should have been direct transfer. On 28th may I again received message stating the cheque has returned. I received a call from your mumbai office who asked me to give correct address- even though my address with you is already correct. However I wanted a direct transfer, so she instructed me to go to branch and contact people there? what for- I had already given cancelled cheque? however- when I got some time- I went to branch again at nfc (I think on 10th june) and they asked me to give another cancelled cheque with a filled form for instructing for direct transfer. I DID that and was told that the transfer is going to be done in 3 to 4 days. Now you are shitting! I made complaints online against the failure and I got reply (your reply online does not have dates- grossly worst online support you have, or for that matter any kind of support your bank staff, your commissioned agents- claim big but till date I have never received any services from any of them- not even a call except for selling)- the reply online was that my amount will be transferred within 5 days ? my question is why 5 more days- how much does it take to wire transfer?????????? are you guys still operating 100 years back??? now when I made another compliant online- (while I was hoping that the fund this time would be transferred) your guys have put me into another loop stating in the online reply that they can courier it if I want?? why on earth would I want that- have you kept employees for only harassing and making sure that the client is harassed totally. Now that I DID not see this reply as I was waiting for fund transfer as per the tall claim- I DID not reply- so you thought it wise to keep the money with you all the while. So if I do not instruct you again- you will keep my money for as long as you want ?which looks like forever!!! now I am making last instruction ? last because after this I am sending this compliant to a lot of right people. Make the direct transfer by monday in my deutsche bank account- ask me details of the bank if you still lost it- though it is there on the signed surrender form!!!!!!!! make direct transfer by monday I.E. 27th june 2011 for my surrender value. I cannot make myself loader and clearer than this. Make direct transfer by monday 27th june 011- to be credited latest by tuesday 28th june 2011 in my deutsche bank account. With great agony aziz ur rehman disclaimer: the contents of this message and any attachments are

Pronoy Mondal

Now I want to see my policy surrender value this month pleace.