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Girish Nachnani on 07 July 2011
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Not allowing me convert my normal Passport application to tatkal

I wanted to re-apply for passports for me and my family (wife & 2 daughters). I have been deputed to my company's office abroad by my company and have come back to india to finish the passport formalities and get visa for my family and take them along with me. In this regard, I wanted to apply all my family's passports, including mine, in tatkaal. As per the procedure defined for tatkaal, I approached pune passport office on the appointed date - june 23rd 2011 (post filling the form online and getting that date as appointment) with the required normal documents as well as tatkaal documents (I.E. 4 out of 14 – pan card, property document, bank statement, election ID & annexure I notary in duplicate). However, my application was rejected at the counter for tatkaal as I was told that the 4 tatkaal documents is not valid and verificate certificate (annexure f) would be required to be submitted. I was suggested that I can convert the normal application later to tatkaal by either submitting verification certificate and annexure-I notary or convert it to tatkaal post-police verification. As I was in urgent need for passport, I approached one of my known acquaintance in mantralaya, mumbai (mrs. Seema dhamdhere – jt. Secretary, maharashtra state) who gave me the verification certificate (in duplicate alongwith I card copy) for me and all my family members. I thereafter approached pune passport office again on 1st july 2011 for converting my existing normal applications to tatkaal & to my surprise I am now being told that normal applications cannot be converted to tatkaal at any cost, even if we have verification certificate or even post-police verification. I was even ready to cancel/Withdraw my current application, but I was told even that is not allowed. It is very sad and surprising that such statements were not made either on any of the indian passport websites. Had this been clearly mentioned on the websites, then I would not have gone ahead and submitted my application in normal and would have submitted in tatkaal after getting the verification certificate. I am now stuck up and will not be able to go back to us and will loose out on the opportunity that I have in my company in us. I am not at all allowed to go inside the passport office and meet the passport officer. I had even asked to allow me to withdraw/Cancel my existing applications and then re-apply in tatkaal. But even that was not allowed. Now I have no one to hear my problem and am stuck up. I will now have to wait for more than 2 months to get my passports ready and as a result of that will loose out my opportunity to go back to us. Thanks & regards, girish

Sumit Dev Bharadwaj

Hi girish

I totally agree with you bcoz the same thing happened with me too. I applied for my passport under normal. But after 2 days an urgent requirement came up with my company and I was asked to initiate my visa. So I went to ghaziabad passport office with verification certificate and aneexure I but they say its not possible at all. I even offered to cancel my current application and apply a new request under tatkaal scheme but to no avail. This thing is horrible. I can lose this apportunity to us as this paaport will come in 2 months. I don't know what to do and nowhere to go. Can anybody suggest anything? any suggestion will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you.

Girish Nachnani

Hi sumit

there seems to be a way to move things forward. First get your police verification done asap... and then send in a letter to your passport office through speed post (with acknowledgement/Return reply).

This worked for me as I read it in some other forums about getting a quicker response if letters sent thru speed post. I got my police verification done on 11th july. There after inspite of sending reminder emails to passport office grievance cell at new delhi I did not get any reply. I then sent across a letter (thru speed post on 23rd july) giving all the details alongwith photocopies of the cash receipt. Now the online status (on 25th july) for all 4 passports has been changed to "police report is clear and the passport is expected to be despatched by 15-08-2011. Subject to all documents being in order."

At least some progress. Now I will approach passport office again to get the applications converted to tatkaal now that the police verification is clear. Will keep you posted.


Hi girish

1st of all thanks for this blog !!

my wife's passport is in same situation we have been informed by respective police stations that they have completed verification and they have given outward number. Its been almost more than 1 month for police verification but still status shows " police report is incomplete and the case is being examined ". As per your response shall I ask my wife to write letter to passport office with all details. Will this help ?.

Thanks & regards


Girish Nachnani

Yes abhijit. Do write a letter (through speed post) describing all the details including the outward number given by the police. Also do pay a visit to the passport office alongwith the copy of the same letter and meet the po / Apo giving the required details. In all probabilities the passport office may have already received in the police verification details it's just that they may have to update their system. And in case if they would not have received it then they are supposed to follow it up with the police authorities as they are duty bound to send back the verification within the required no. Of days.

Thanks & regards


ps.: I got my wife's passport on august 30th.


Hi girish

my passport application is pending for police report for about 5 months now (as the police verification was done in june 2011). According to you what should I do?

secondly if I send a letter to passport office how do I ensure/Mention acknowledgement/Return reply on my letter?

thanks for your advice in advance.


Hi girish

just wanted to ask you if the passport can be availed in a month from the date of application subject to paying some extra charges.I 'am in serious need of a passport and by mistake applied for a normal one.And from all your blogs I can witness that a normal passport cannot be converted to a tatkal one.In this scenario can you please advise me as to how am I suppose to proceed as I don't wana give up on the oppurtunity that has been extended to me.

Awaiting your response on the aforesaid.

Kind regards


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