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Kulkarni Jitendra Shriniwas on 06 July 2011
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You broadband fraud and failure in services

I have been using the broadband connection service provided by you broadband & cable india limited for last 1 and half year .My account number (customer relationship number) with the provider is 5604 and user ID is j_kulkarni2. On 23rd june 2011 I renewed my account under the plan "you planet 512 kbps 6 months".I paid the amount by cheque drawn on punjab national bank, kothrud pune branch (chq no:375190 amt-2999/-, Receipt number:349353). At same time I inquired about the wi-fi router to be provided for me. The representative told me that it will cost rs.1650/- And will be installed in 48 hours. So I immediately paid the amount of 50/- By the next cheque ( p.N.B.-Chq no:375191 dated- 23 june 2011,receipt number:349354). Since then till today, the wi-fi router has not been installed at my place. As I found that after 48 hours nobody from you broadband neither attended me nor made any kind of call giving me information about when wi-fi router will be installed at my place. So I DID called the call center number on 27th of the june and registered my complaint regarding(complaint number 19). There was still no followup from the company. So I again called on the same call center number at least three times and again and again told them about their inefficiency about the service. Still not a single representative from the company has attended me till date. So I called the nodal officers of the company mrs.Ujjwala more on her office as well as mobile phone numbers (020 - 555/ 9850000403,ujwala.More@emp.Youbroadband.Co.In ) I got no response from both the calls. I think that, as I have made the payment before receiving the service , the company is cheated me and don't want to provide the said service. So please register this complaint as the fraud and negligence in the services after receiving the payment. I lost my mental piece for at least 15 days . That is costing me too much. And I request that such a well planned cheating to the customers should be penalized.

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