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S.p.narsing Rao on 05 May 2011
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Issue of family member certificate

We have applied for family members certificate in the last week of october'2010 with all forms duly filled and signed along with original death certificate of the deceased. ( My late father s.Narayana alias s.Pentaiah s/O sri s.Mallesham r/O 515, sadar bazar, bolaram bazar, secunderabad-10) . On several visits to the concerned office by my wife mrs.Pratibha, she was informed that it is under process. We received a memo issued by the tehasildar saying that after verifying all the papers they need s,narayana's pensioned dept details . Then we have submitted savings bank account copy duly signed by the sbh bank manager on 011. Personally submitted by my wife acknowledgement received by inward. After several trips made by my wife , I have entrusted this work to my wife as I am a gazetted rank employee in drdl and cannot take leaves as I like. She was informed by the tehasildar madam that it will take a week's time as she has already entrusted the verification in the month of january itself but as the concerned enquiry officer has some sivere health problems like he lost his eye sight etc., Hence it is given to mr.Sudhakar. Mr.Sudhakar has given me panchnama papers to be completed by us . Myself alongwith my wife have submitted all completed papers along with one government employee surety on 23rd march 011. We were asked to come after ugadi holidays. My wife visited the said office daily basis for 10 days . Then on the 11th day when she approached the office mr.Sudhakar gave her a jerk by saying family members certificate will not be issued as the deceased person has two names . We have approached the tehsildar and she shouted at us saying that " why is always your wife is coming to our office there is something fishy between you and your wife must be she is blackmailing you" this statement has given me ajerk and my wife fully hurt . Ofcourse due to several visits she spoke in a loud voice to mr.Sudhakar by saying that samething should have been pointed out in the first memo issued to us 0n: 03-01-2011 why they have wasted so much of our energy time and conveyance money. Kindly do justice to me .I have already obtained a notarised affidavit affirming that the deceased with two name is one and the same person . Kindly help me. My details are : s.P narsing rao, s/O late s.Pentaiah alias s.Narayana ,r/O 627 & 629 /A ,sadar bazar, bolarum bazar, secunderabad-10. Phone number (r) 4082

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