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Debasish Maitra on 05 July 2011
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Vodafone number portability to BSNL

I have requested for number portability from vodafone to bsnl. I obtained the unique port number and submitted before bsnl. Bsnl has processed and forwarded it to vodafone. In between vodafone activated one facility of 10 paisa per minute from vodafone to vodafone (local)and messaged me that because of this facility they can't process number portability and told me to resubmit the application further. I just want to ask them who told them to activate it? before activation they should have told me the term and conditions? is this the way they treat customers??



how did you get the unique port number?


Manvendra Singh

Hello I have network problem with vodafone no.9829856270 I want to port vodafone to bsnl bsnl is the best now. So I want change my vodafone postpaid to bsnl postpaid. I had many problems with vodafone conection. How can is this posible. Suggess me soonest posible.

Rajeev Sonu

I want to port my voda no to bsnl 8298284246