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Ujjawal Bhatnaagr on 02 July 2011
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Cheating case against Tata Indicom

Dear sir, sub: complain against customer satisfaction team/ Retention team. I am a very dissatisfied customer of yours and although I had a horrible experience with tata tele services and also I am not a customer of any of your services now I had some things to say. Sir, I was using your net connect device from last one year and suddenly it stopped working may be device was damaged. Immediately I reached your service outlet at greater noida and noida sec 18 but no one helped me also they asked me to buy a new one. Sir, I face unpleasant customer service at both the outlets then I decided that let anyone from tata group contact me and with same intention I stopped payment of my bill being thought in my mind that any one from tata will contact me and I will narrate the story to them and will get my problem solved. Sir, it was up to my surprise that my pending bill was just of rs.1200/- And as I am working as manager in an mnc is it that much big deal to pay rs1200/- Of course not. Now no one from service team retention team contacted me why they do not want customers to be happy and joined with tata but your managers are not concerned about customer service. Sir, today I received one call from one number when I was in office and person said he is calling from delhi tees hazari court and tata has files case against me and tomorrow is hearing for the same. I got surprised and asked him why so he gave me no of another person he introduced me as advocate of tata and said that we have file case as you have not paid bill I said but is this my fault I asked service providers to rectify my problem but at that time no one was interested. Still being a reputed citizen I immediately made payment through my credit card and asked them to stop my connection permanently. Now please inform me that without prior notice how tata can file case. Why I received such call what tata group thing there customers have no respect. This is a direct harassment from tata group I would like to suggest you provide service and gain customers. I want to be a part of tata family but now I would be writing it on each consumer sight and everywhere as your people directly hurt my image also my feelings. No one from your retention team thought that why suddenly customer had stopped paying suddenly or what we could do to retain customer are they only concerned with salaries not with company revenue. I would suggest you to shut down your outlet at rampur greater noida coz these guys they do not know anything also not meeting requirements of customers. Sir, if you are concerned of customer satisfaction please look into issue as I paid bill also my device as faulty. Also please note I would be displaying this letter to various social sites also to consumer sites line consumercourt.In. Please note as your team has badly insulted me and my feelings I being a customer I would be going to customer forum also to trai as not I want justice. If any one of you respect customer feeling do contact me on below mentioned details. Regards, ujjawal bhatnagar b-62 delta 1st greater noida up cont:8750117164 tata device no: 3964

Shivam Soni

You are right they are cheating customers.I'M also a victim.


Correctly said they are chor...


Exact thing happened to me.. the guy from court was super rude!!!!!! he threathen me!!! we should go against them!!

Sunil A N

Dear fellow indians

do not worry about the court case.They will not file any case without any proof and this proof should be with the person calling and asking for payment. Therefore this is a market game. They lost a lot of money in 2g scam and want to resort to this way to get back some of the money they have lost.Please ignore them and if they keep calling ask them to go to court. Please please do not pay.


Hi all

IM also a victim...I just got a call from delhi..

I will follow ur words sunil an

Ashwani Malik

Tata photon is mess in himachal informed n no of times and found waist of money dropped. Why to pay money when service is poor.

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