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Neha Patel on 04 May 2011
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Complaint against Orra jewellery for deceiving the consumers

About a year back during the yearly sale of orra I bought a solitare ring from their chandigarh store. I barely wore it for some days & the central solitare piece almost a 25 cent big piece fell off. Disgusted I went to their store & their was no redressal. To my sheer disgust they told me that such rings are only to be worn occasionaly. I have been wearing a kia solitare ring for past 4 years, day & night & never has the diamond setting fell off. I am highly disgusted & dissatisfied by the way orra's solitares are set & the behaviour at their stores. I have shopped for all my entire wedding jwellery at orra & still the behaviour is so irrational. Never have I heard in my life a solitare falling off just beacuse you wear it for 15 days. The solitare is set in such a fashion that even after a lot of use it doesn't fall. I am disgusted of orra. I am writting here in hope of some redressal. Before this ring also earlier I had purchased a smaller ring the same was the fate of that ring one small diamond piece fell off & one part of the ring broke, the reply for that ring too was the same, you are supposed to wear the ring less often. The only redressal was you pay & we will get it fixed. They carry no responsibility towards thier customers. This is sheer ripping off of consumers money & making a fool out of them. Wishing for a different reply & a redressal. Their have been 3 instances in past 4 years of customers victimization at orra which is further making me write a complain here. Other than these cases of 2 rings from orra, chandigarh. At orra, ahmedabad, which is where I live now. About 1 year 6 months back I had given a diamond set (which my grand mother bought for me from orra at my wedding I.E. In 007) for additions of pearl droplets in the set & earrings. At the time of giving the set I took the estimate & the sales girl told me that it will cost around rs. 2000 which was well in my budget, so I gave the set. I told her specifically that if the price goes above rs. 2500 please call me & get my approval & only than make the modifications. They got the modifications without my approval in case of higher budget & to my sheer disgust when the set came they asked me to pay 5000rs. Which was much above my budget & told me if I pay only than I get the set or I will have to wait for 10 days they will resend the set to mumbai get the modifications removed & than return the set to me. I was to wear the set on my baby-shower in 5 days, so without any choice I had to pay rs. 5000 & get my set back. My main objective of writting this complaint is that I have been ripped I just hope none else falls prey to their tactics. I have suffered a loss of about 25 thousand & a lot of harrasment. In their stores none is even ready to listen. Neha