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Sheodan Singh on 30 June 2011
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Poor quality of road construction in our locality

Just 20 days back road of our locality (mohalla- bagwallan) was constructed by some contractor, the quality of rcc road is not up to the mark, when the matter was discussed with the supervisor of the construction team on the date of construction, he DID not not respond to the complaint. Road was constructed from the gautampuri road to the my house ( sheodan singh). The road condition is really pathetic, even today only the concrete is being coming out from the surface of road. The actual photographs are attached here with for your reference. During the construction job none of the engineer inspected the site. If the immediate action is not being initiated the concerned contractor he may continue with same kind of work everywhere, which is directly loss of revenue in terms of money and reputation. Neither any testing of concrete was done, nor the ready MIX concrete used by the contractor during the construction. If at all any testing was done the test result may be verified by the authorized person, so that the genuineness of the work can be evaluated. The appropriate authority may be deputed for verification of quality standards in the construction. The complaint is being launched on the behalf of entire locality. The quality is very poor; in fact it is very difficult to say whether the same can sustain the rain during this monsoon. Matter deserves the investigation so that the repeatability of the same may be minimized. We are continuously facing problem due to bad quality of job in terms of various aspects. Neither contractor nor the concerned engineer is going to face any problem due to bad quality job in our locality. People of our locality are going to face problem in terms of water accumulation, over flow of drainage at the poor cost of job done by the contractor.

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