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Shree Harish Kumar Nair on 04 May 2011
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Cibil credit score is zero

I have applied for cibil credit score to verify my credit history. I havee paid the full amount of rs 450/-Through netbanking on 13/03/2011 transaction ID 15223012.First they sent me a mail that on 08/04/2011 citing that the telephone bill submitted is more than 3 months old and an updated one is required. After submitting the latest telephone bill I got the response that the address of credit institution is not matching my address and they need certificate from my credit institution with out specifying the details of my credit institution.I responded strongly and asket them to return my fee. They responded by tellin that feee is non refundable. This time I responded with my bank's account stamenet. Again they reverted telling that address is not matching.This is pure harassment of a consumer that aftr paying for a service you are harassed in the manner detailed above.I want my money to be refunded at any cost.

Nirmit Patel


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