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Rushabh Parekh on 04 March 2014
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Miscredit charges in vodafone bill for month feb-2014

Vodafone no. 6892 This is regarding Vodafone bill for feb-2014. They have specified an added component specifying miscredit charges of Rs. 6/-. When contacted customer care and nodal officer on 4th march 2014 , they specified that the charges were added in the bill because of the continuous messages regarding activation and deactivation of 3g services. When I replied that the services from their side did not activate within the stipulated time , they simply rejected my claim and said that the amount has been correctly added to my bill. I explained in detail that 299 3g plan did not activate for the first time, as a result I had sent a message of 650 3g which got activated, but as I didn't wanted the plan, I deactivated it and again activated 650 3g. The plan again did not activate. As a result I sent activation plans again and again. When I asked the nodal officer whether providing the services or not comes in their scope, they simply said that it is not their problem and they have billed correctly .

Vel India

Hi Rushabh Parekh

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please share your current and alternate contact numbers in the following link and we will help resolve your concerns. https://www.vodafone.in/existingusers/hns/pages/h2h.aspx?h2hid=p03lb02edbiz5dd1



Rekha Kumari

S.No Current charge breakup Total Personal Official

1 One time charges 0.00 - -

2 Monthly charges 375.00 - -

3 Usage charges 69.80 0 0

4 Messaging charges 0.00 0 0

5 Conference call charges 11.10 0 0

6 Roaming charges 0.00 0 0

7 Discount/Other charges 0.00 - -

8 Miscredit charges 100.00 - -

9 Subtotal 555.9 - -

10 Tax 77.83 - -

Total 633.73 0.0 0.0

MY no. is 9953976768 I also facing the same issue kindly explain what is this miscredit charges of Rs. 100/-.

Dharmaraj Panigrahi

i got same issue i have not send any sms i just port to pune vodafone to banglore vodafone .. i did not send any activation sms.. why this Miscredit charges .. i would not understand ...

1. One time charges 0.00

2 Monthly charges 499.00

3 Usage charges 0.00

4 Messaging charges 0.00

5 Conference call charges 0.00

6 Roaming charges 0.00

7 Discount/Other charges 0.00

8 Miscredit charges 687.13

9 Subtotal 1186.13

10 Tax 78.60

Total 1264.73

Yashoda Shetty

I got the same issues I took a new Vodafone connection in Oct'17 last year and first 3 months the billing was fine however effective the 4th month I observe a Rs. 100 miscredit charges which has been continuously levied on me which to me seems to be a fraudulent hidden charge from vodafone. Is there a way I can take some action against vodafone in this regard.