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Neha Behl on 30 December 2013
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No option of refund for Online booking at PVR cinema

My Name is Neha Behl, I was trying to book Dhoom3 movie tickets on (26th Dec 013) for Wednesday (01 Jan 014) for show place at Faridabad, PVR Crown Plaza and payment mode was credit card. While booking the site got hung and the tickets got booked automatically for 30th December 2013 instead of 1st january 014. 3.71 rupees got deducted from my account. I tried many times to call on local PVR crown plaza and as well as Customer care at gurgaon so that I can correct my booking or cancel. But no one has picked up the call. neither they try to call back as mentioned at their voice over of customer care. Please let me know how I can get my amount back. Transaction details are, Date - 26-Dec-2013 Description- CR Trxn. Amount for 3.71 at PVRCinemas.com for Booking Reference No, FRBD0000468165