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Rakesh Vishwanath Sarma on 14 November 2013
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Non Activation of New Tata Sky Set Top Box

I had availed TATASKY connection vide ID No. 4883 in the year -09. Till this time I was very happy with my TATASKY connection. Recently I purchased a new LED TV and in order to enhance my viewing, I ordered for a separate HD Set Top box which was registered vide WO No. 429. The technician from TATASKY reported with the Set Top box and after completing all the connection formalities on 013, it was noticed that there was no signal. After consulting with TATASKY customer care he intimated that all the connections he made were ok , but there was a problem in activation from server end of TATASKY and the same will be sorted out within a hour. He intimated that the TV and Set Top box should be kept ‘ON’ and he left at 3.30 pm . But there was no activation till 5.30 pm . As such I intimated the technician accordingly. But he replied that the same will be activated within a hour. When there was no activation till 6.30 pm , I took up the matter with TATASKY customer care helpline (phone No.02066006633) at 6.35 pm and they assured that this will be activated within 2 hours. However regretfully it is stated that there was no signal till 9.20 pm. As such I once again contacted TATASKY customer care on phone No.02066006633. Here also you can not directly contact the technicians as you are forced to listen to all the recorded messages. After all the recorded messages , when the technician of TATASKY customer care came on line, he said that there is a problem and he will connect me with his superior. However there was only recorded message coming and no body came on line. When, I again contacted with TATASKY customer care at 9.30 pm after passing though all the recorded message , finally this time the technician was able to connect me with the superior officer. Just when I thought that my problem will be solved , this gentleman said that there is problem in activation and will take another 4 hours. From 3.30 pm to 9.30 pm there was no signal activation of my HD TATASKY Set Top box and I got this message that this will take another 4 hours for activation. The sad part is , when it was known that there was a problem in activation of my new HD SETTOP box, there was not a single attempt from the TATASKY Customer care to give a update on the issue and when I informed that I will make a complaint , the issue was taken so lightly, as if to state that they are least bothered about the discomfort of the customers and even If I complaint nobody will be affected. Today ( i.e. 14/11/2013 ) till the filling of this complaint, my new HD Set Top Box of TATASKY is yet to be activated and I have no feedbacks form TATASKY. I am sorry to say , but this is the worst experience I had with the TATASKY . The belief which I had on the TATASKY service has been totally broken. Hence forth I will never be able to recommend any body else to opt for a TATASKY connection. Based on this terrible experience, I will definitely rate the TATASKY customer care service as very poor. I would highly appreciate, if the customer care service is enhanced and becomes easily approachable, so that regular TATASKY customers like me do not face problems in getting in touch with the technicians and the problems are sorted at the earliest. In case of delay is sorting out any problem , the customers should be updated by TATASKY Customer care service timely . Further in the HD Set Top box , the font of the onscreen display menu, is very small and is not properly legible. This leads to difficulty in searching for channels / programs. In the old version, the on screen display menu font size is big and clearly legible AND USER FRIENDLY.

Suchita Mehta

You must try other sources of contacting Tata Sky to ensure your work gets done. You can address your complaint to tata sky’s official handle @tatasky. They will arrange for a callback and assist you accordingly or you can contact Tata Sky customer service. They are quiet prompt in their reply and will help you out. It is more effective way of getting your work done. You can write to them at help@tatasky.com or call their Toll Free Number at 1-800-1806633. The best part is it is available 24X7. I am sure they will look into your matter and activate your HD connection immediately.

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