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Kishor Wani on 25 October 2013
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Cheating while alloting Data Entry Job work

1) Me and my sister Mrs.Hemlata Avinash Patil have enrolled at Universal Info Services for Data Entry job work for 11 months. Each month we had to convert image files of book into text files. 2) First of all we didn't get any work load for many days. We were told that ahmedabad office of Universal Info is not responding. After much pestering they agreed to provide workload through another company Star Data Connect. 3) The company rep. told us that minimum accuracy required is 70% and example of deducting was illustrated. We completed 300 pages of typing work in 30 days. During detailed checking we came to know that requirement of minimum accuracy of 70% is practically 99.99%. Therefore even after re-checking of 300 pages twice we could not successfully complete the job work. When we inquired then they insisted to visit their office and they will explain it in detail. But we realised that we have been cheated. 4) Though all the money will be refunded by them in 11 months, they got 300 typed pages in free. Now I feel that this is their modus operandi to exploit new people. Because my friend has also experienced the same with another company and gifted them 100 pages after typing. 5) I wish to warn all the prospective victims not to fall pray to their tactics and end their fraud.

Leeds Ferrao

I agree with Kishore their accuracy numbers are ridiculous. I don't understand how does 50 errors come up to 25% accuracy in a 300 pager document. They send images to type in a document which makes no sense as it is evident they have the documents too. So they are relying on the accuracy levels to cheat customers.

Key Master

Welcome Typers

Hi most people able to "type" and not able to get required "accuracy" why "worry"? Now we have software to check your work accuracy we can able to check any format files like *.txt *.doc *.docx *.swf *.nik *.dll *.mdm *.chm *.em *.html etc. with your images files like *.jpg *.gif *.tiff etc. All you have to do is give your submission files before 3 days of deadline to us. We can give your error report and also corrected files to your e-mail then you can submit that files to company and achieve accuracy and get 100% payment. Contact us: +918122747427 email-keymaster625@gmail.com