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Manish on 23 October 2013
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Fake call from irda office noida up

1. That on 05-07-2008 I purchased a policy of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited Chandigarh vide no. 2035 of rs. 00/- Premium per annum through local Agent . 2. That up to may 2013 I have not deposit the IInd installment of premium because agent cheated me , at the time of policy he told me that this policy is one time premium and after reading the policy terms & condition I got that this policy is based on annual premium basis . and agent given the policy to me after 15 days of issuance on these ground I do not deposit the premium . 3. That in the month of May 2013 I received a Call on my registered mobile no in the policy vide no. 4993 from call center so called name Mr. Pankaj Sharma Consodium Centre of insurance company under IRDA Delhi Govt. of India and He told me that I am reading your policy and your address & date of birth is so and so .When he told me correct personal details which is on policy , Then I believe / faith on him means he is speaking from IRDA office. 4. That the said call on regarding Bajaj Allianz Policy . He told me that your policy is going to be laps due to non deposit the premium . He told me that IRDA launched a special scheme to the customer who’s policy laps and want to surrendered the policy after five year and they can get the amount with bonus point . And he told me that if you want to surrendered policy through this call centre you will get so many other benefits . He advise me to purchase the Reliance traditional bound to break the agent code . and after this you can get 4460 /- instead of 00/- as per guideline of IRDA. And said IRDA also taken the action against the concern agent . 5. That after some day I got a call from so called IRDA office numbers that your case under consideration and will be settle with in few days and if you want to get special benefit under the special surrender scheme you need to purchase a policy of Reliance insurance through our reliance Satna office in MP and you need to send Demand Draft in the Reliance life Insurance Company ltd through our office address i.e. Pankaj Sharma C/o Reliance Life Insurance company Ltd, B-25, Second Floor , Sector 1 , Noida UP. From phone no. 6353 , 0153 or directly . 6. That on this induce on dated 14-06-2013 I make the Demand Draft of Rs.20000/- vide no. 5765 of State Bank of India Una and payable at Satna M.P. in the name of Reliance Insurance life Company ltd. And send Through the courier to mr. Ashish Porwal Reliance Life insurance company ltd. 101 narawan Krirhna Complex 1st floor , 44, city center ms. Road Gwalior MP. Pin code : 4011 . and the verbal information is send to Pankaj Sharma Noida office and telephonic message send to him on his mobile .And received a policy vide no 1896 issued by mpc satna mp office . 7. That after this he again call me on my mobile no. that your new policy is under process and can verify from call centre of reliance website . And after this he induced me that if you want to get 60/- on your laps policy you need to purchase another policy of 90/- for few days . And after getting the amount you may surrender this policy also . 8. That on his second induced on dated 21-06-2013 I make a demand draft of Rs.17890/- of State Bank of India payable at jalandhar in the name of DLF Pramerika Life insurance Limited vide no. 5868 and send through tracken courier Private Limited to Pankaj Sharma DLF Pramerika life Insurance B- 25, second Floor Noida U.P. 9. That on 23-07-2013 on his another induced I purchase a another policy of Rs. 52/- and make a demand draft in the name of DLF Pramerika Life insurance payable at Jalandhar and send through the tracken courier Private Limited to Pankaj Sharma DLF Pramerika life Insurance B- 25, second Floor Noida U.P. and received a policy vide no. 8718 and the same surrendered by me on 10-09-2013 and received a amount of Rs. 44/- . This policy is induced of all eged Mr. Pankaj Sharma . 10. That on 30-07-2013 I received a Demand Draft of Rs . 3055 vide no. 7398 dated 05-07-2013 of Axis Bank ltd. And I deposited the said Demand draft in bank of India Una in my account no. 1767 and the said amount was credit to my account . 11. That after not satisfaction I received 3055 in stead on 4460 /- with bonus and I contact with pankaj sharma on his office no. and he again induced me if you are not satisfy you can return the amount by sending the Demand Draft in the Name of Bajaj Allianz Life insurance Co. ltd. Payable at Dharamshala and vide DD no. 4447 of Bank of India of Rs. 3055 /- send through courier to pankaj Sharma DLF Pramerika life Insurance B- 25, second Floor Noida U.P. on dated 31-07-2013 .And I received a Policy vide no. 1960 dated 09-08-2013 through its Kangra H.P. branch . 12. That after sending the demand draft I received a policy instead of amount and again I surrender the policy and then received a amount of rs. 2951 /- in my account which is in bank of India una on 14-09-2013 . 13. That on his another induced I purchase a Policy of Reliance life insurance Co. ltd. Gawallior MP branch and sending the DD of Rs. 00/- of state bank of Patiala una payable at Gawalior Mp and I received a Policy vide no. 5577 dated 14-09-2013 . 14. That then after other person Mr. Rakesh Sharma mobile no. 5285 he told me I am from IRDA account branch in Chennai . He advise me to return the amount of 00/- to company through my account no. 3716 and IFSC Code No. UTIB 0593 . and on dated 16-09-2013 I Transfer through RTGS amount to the account Mr. Rakesh Sharma . 15. That after this I contact to the Mr. Pankaj Sharma on his office number and office person told me that mr pankaj sharma is on leave due to suffering from dengue etc. Then They give me person mobile no . of pankaj 6881 , 1614 . and email:-rajeevaggarwal592@yahoo.com . 16. That after this happen they told me your policy settlement matter under process and draft will be issue to your after joining of mr. pankaj .But up to till date all the office numbers are not available and mobile numbers of mr. Pankaj & Rakesh are not reachable and message are deliver on their one mobile no. 6881 . 17. That the above said person had induced me & had cheated me. Which resulted an amount of /-00 was suffered wrong for loss by me due to dishonest & fraudulently cheating of above said person. It is therefore humble request that the matter kindly be investigated and legal action may kindly be taken against the culprits person as per law .

RelianceLife InsuranceTeam

Dear Mr. Prem Kishan

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to kindly send us an email with your Policy number and current contact details at rlife.headcustomercare@relianceada.com with a brief description of the issue and a reference to this web post. Our Service team will quickly assist you with a response to your concerns.


Reliance Life Insurance Team

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