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Aradhya Anand on 20 June 2011
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Hindustan times breach of contract & poor customer service

A door to door salesman came to my house on 15/03/2011 promoting a hindustan times newspaper offer , that gave me 12 months of hindustan times newspaper subscription for rs 9.00 . I accepted the offer and was asked to pay rs 9.00 in cash , which I DID and was given a letter to give to my local newspaper guy , a recipt(wich DID not include my name n had someone else's name scribbled on it) and was promised 12 coupons in mail within next 5 business days which I was suppose to hand over to my local newspaper guy every month in replacement of cash. I was advised that I should hand over the latter to my local newspaper guy to get the newspaper started on that offer and give him one coupon at the end of every month. I starrted the newspaper for the offer thought my lolcal newspaper guy by handing him over the letter of the offer and informed him of the coupon at the end of the month. Howver, I never recieved those coupons till date 11). I have called their helpline no. - 4242 numerous times (more than 20) but all I got was rude behaviour and false promises. Every time when I called their helpline no. - 4242 , I spoke to different executives , and none of them were ready to take ownership on behalf of their company and were very rude to me. When I asked for a supervisor or someone whom I could complaint to , I was advised there's nothing I can do to complaint since it's an offer and this is a helpline number. On an average those calls were around 25 to 30 minutes each. So I encurred quite a considerable cost in calling these numbers. I also wasted a lot of time and energy. I will have to pay my local newspaper guy out of my pocket. At this stage I request you take serious actions against such irresponsible and neglegent behaviour of the company.