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Kartikaye Kukreti on 21 September 2013
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Unauthorised passengers causing havoc in Mussoorie express train

when mussoorie express reaches hapur around 6'oclock or a little before a lot of daily commuters barge into the reserved sleeper coach and cause havoc misbehaving and troubling passengers often using abusive language. Their noise disturbs and wakes passengers who are mostly heading for delhi a station that would come 2 hours later. These people forcibly shift passengers from their seats after quarreling and challenging their dignity. Such number of unauthorized passengers also pose threat to security of reserved passenger's belongings. I heard noises of quarreling among reserved passengers and them. Many of them were passing lewd comments on girls traveling in nearby seats. Some boys opened fans to trouble sleeping passengers in order to unnecessarily wake them up. I saw an old couple in much distress after such behavior. This is second time I had seen such menace in this train from hapur and even by people boarding in Ghaziabad and i"ll add that young students who boarded from ghaziabad to delhi were a bigger nuisance. There was no railway police staff to control situation and no TC to check tickets of these miscreants. Indian railways have a duty and moral obligation to make passengers journey safe and secure. Our constitution gives us a right to live with dignity and it should not compromised or destroyed in a government transportation. If not checked now tomorrow a bigger incident may happen in the train and someones life can be in danger. I hope Indian railways will take my complaint seriously and order TC and railway police to ensure such things doesn't happen and train should not be stopped for such long time in these stations.