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Savitri Saini on 16 September 2013
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Direct Benefit of Cash Subsidy (DBTL)

Almost 1 month now...no action taken till now on below matter. Complainant Name : Savitri Saini Mobile : 5838 Email : @gmail.com Landline : 9918 Address : 657 Hardev Puri, Gautam Nagar State : DELHI Distributor : KAMAKHYA ENTERPRISES 600) Consumer No. : 8498 Complaint Information Reference No. : 9019 Status : Reopened Registration Date : 23-08-2013 20:17 Priority : High Closed Date : 04-09-2013 19:35 Reported By : Consumer Distributor : KAMAKHYA ENTERPRISES 600) Subject : Direct Benefit of Cash Subsidy (DBTL) Description : Dear Sir I'm your very old customer. I registered this connection back in 1980's. The connection was registered in my first name only. In 1980's i could not figure it out that in 2013 i would be needing to link it to Aadhar card for receiving a subsidy. Neither your company told me this, neither the then Delhi government told me this, neither Government of India told me this. It was your obligation to inform me when i booked this connection in 1980's that you would be needing to link it to Aadhar card in 2013 so please provide your full name. And how could your executives make such a mistake for registering my connection without putting down my last name. Now my Aadhar card has recently been made & it has my full name on it. When i went to your distributor "KAMAKHYA ENTERPRISES" , they are saying that we can not guarantee that subsidy will come in your bank account because your Aadhar card has your full name & our system does not. They also told that we cannot change it in our system because our software is designed such. Do you want me to believe this crap ? Is your company using such a software in which changes cannot be made? Then what's the use of computerization. You should go back to manual documentation in which changes can be made. Or do you want me to grease the hands of your distributor ? If you cannot resolve my problem then i will have to go a step forward & take this issue to a higher level apart from surrendering my connection. Thank you Action History KETAN KARNIK 614) - 02/09/2013 07:42 PM Dear Sir/Madam, This is to inform that the subsidy is transferred to the beneficiary on the basis of the aadhaar number and not on the basis of the name. Also kindly ensure to link your aadhaar at your concerned bank for the effective transfer of subsidy into your account. Regards, Savitri Saini - 02/09/2013 08:03 PM Dear Mr. Ketan Just to be on the safer side, is it possible for you to update your records & include my last name as it is on my Aadhar card. How can we do this? Regards KETAN KARNIK 614) - 04/09/2013 07:35 PM Dear Sir/Madam, We request you to kindly give a written application for formally changing your name in the records at the distributorship. This is required to safegaurd your genuiness and proper updation as per your proper adocument submission. Regards, Savitri Saini - 09/09/2013 02:38 PM Dear Mr. Ketan As advised by you i approached your distributor today with a written application to update my last name in their records. But to my dismal surprise they refused to accept my application saying that they have no means or option to do this. When i asked them to at-least accept my application & give me the receiving their illiterate staff started a heated debate with me saying why i have given wrong records at the time of registration. I even mentioned your name, but still they refused to accept my application. I'm a 57 year old woman suffering from diabetes. I can barely walk. Your distributor's office is about 15 kms away from my residence. I have already burned a note of 500 Rupees on my last two visits. I want to ask you " are you running a govt. company or a private company"? How many trips will a customer have to make to get a small issue resolved? To get this subsidy is becoming more expensive to me now than not to take it. When i have brought this issue to your notice, doesn't it become your responsibility to coordinate with your distributor to see why they do not have any option for making changes to existing records. This is why you are an inefficient manager & you have no means to regulate your distributor's conduct.

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