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Ms Rani Davi on 27 August 2013
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To activate my tata sky account

Dear Sir, According to your service requested information, My registered mobile number on alternate number of the Subscriber Id: 3558 is Ph: 977) and the Digicard number is 0000 6165 9132 and Digicomp No: 0624 So in this case Please don't hesitate to reactivate my account as soon as possible and please let me know is my new Subscriber id:1112104920 have been activated? or let me know about the instructions how to follow step by step procedure what to do next with my digi box? And also i would like you to know that most of the times my mobile number is busy in this case if you couldn't make call to my number please send me to this email for your registration process have been reactivated for my new subscriber id:1112104920 or my old Id: 3558 . I have been speaking to your customer service for many times all they saying is my account is still in pending status and the account will be reactivated within 24 hour. Start from that time now i have been waiting for more than one week and i'm still didn't get nothing about any information for reactivate my account yet so that I'm still waiting for your reply information and getting time to start recharging my account . So please reply me for your answering details to reactivation of my account as soon as possible and i will be really appreciate that . I'll be looking forward to hearing from you Many thanks. Best regards, Ms. Rani Devi,

Suchita Mehta

I think you should contact Tata Sky customer service. You can address your complaint to tata sky’s official handle @tatasky. They are quiet prompt in their reply and will help you out. It is more effective way of getting your work done. You can write to them at help@tatasky.com or call their Toll Free Number at 1-800-1806633. The best part is it is available 24X7. I am sure they will look into your matter and activate your connection asap.