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Ajit Jain on 24 August 2013
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Undelivered return passport is not redispatched even after 25 days of application

My passport was returned undelivered , on !st of aug I went passport ofice bhopal and gave a written application to re dispatch my passport at my permanent address. On 17th Aug I again visited to passport office , when I asked about my application ,no action was taken for my application. I again requested passport offocer S.P. Verma to send my passport. He told me within a week you will get your passport. I enquired post office everyday. But passport officer has still not dispatched my passport. Does a civilian have any right , so he can fight with such type of problems , that every indian have to face . I am very much tensed and frustrated with system and working of passport office bhopal and passport officer S.P. Verma