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Prashant Kumar on 09 August 2013
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Rajmahal agro fraud and big cheater

I worked for Rajmahal Agrotech Pvt Ltd, Bihar as a ASM. Firstly telephonic interview with Mr. M.K. Sinha on dated 30th March 013, he called me for second round face to face Interview at his Gurgaon, DLF Phase-1 office. I went his office on dated 1st April 013, I was selected by their two management people ( 1st. Mr. Shane Alam (Director of company) and 2nd Mr. Mihir Kumar Sinha (NSM, ZSM, RSM). Both of them congrates me & told me to come next day for picking the Offer Letter & Visiting Cards, Form, Samples. Next day I reached the company Office after that Mr. Alam & Mr. Sinha told me to deposite Rs. 000/ cash For Caution Money against the Samples, Company's Uniforms & etc. On 03rd April 2013 I reached his office & deposit Rs 00/- cash, after that they told me today the Office Clerk is not available today, so Plese come next day. again I reached his office tommorrow, Mr. Sinha & Mr. Saad Alam ( son of director) was present there and gave me only Offer Letter, and told me to go your Head Qurter and report to resume the duty after that we send you all the Samples, Uniforms by Courrier. I reached my Head Quarter on dated 09thAprl 2013 & reported him. I appointed 2 super distributor. But till today I couldn't get any kind of Salary, any kind of Field Expanses, any kind of Samples, any Kind of company's Uniforms. Kindly, I request to all of the Sales Persons and Business Persons Don't accept any Offer of this company and Don't invest any kind of Deposite for JOB and BUSINESS CHANNEL like as Distributors, Super Distributors, C & F Agent. as company past record no one get anything return from this company. Mr, Shane Alam, & Mr. Mihir Kumar Sinha both the man are FRAUD & CHEATER. With best Regards Prashant 1111