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Sandip Sharma on 18 June 2011
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MPEB Irrational electricity bill

I have a house at indore which comes under gram panchayat and electricity service area is mangliya near indore. My house is unoccupied for last two months before that it was occupied for two months, I had taken an electricity connection in the month of feb,11. They have been sending me an average bill of rs1500 per month, it means even if there is no consumption I have to pay rs 1500 minimum, but for last two months my house is unoccupied and I have received a bill showing a consumption of 600 units amounting a total of rs 9855 which includes dues for initial 2 months I.E. Apx rs 500. For initial 2 months house was occupied so there is no problem but later two months the house was completely unoccupied and they have added rs 6000 in bill which seems to be very irrational. Kindly help me as the house is going to be unoccupied for further months and I can not take the burden of such heavy bills.

Malwa Agro Food Pvt. Ltd

Pls. Give me my electricity bill for my email. ID



Electricity bill is being done on false meter reading every month.My current unit shows 1470kwh.But they have already bill up to consumption unit 1818 till this month.

So pls take attention on my problem.

Shankesh kumar

panchkhora waiden