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Khan A. K. on 18 June 2011
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Ghaziabad Development Authority officers complaint

In our residential area sector-6, vaishali, there are lots of building constructed without passing gda authority or wrong construction by the builders with the involvement of gda officers and playing game with the residents living there I.E. One or two extra story built or without their actual building plans passed by the gda-ghaziabad. I think there is totally 'milibhagat' of gda and builders in this area. On top floors illegally construction done by the owner of the flats but no any action taken yet, if there is not according to their plan. In sector 6, plot no. 10 & 10a with a to z deptt store is an example for the same. Total building wrongly/Illegally constructed by the builder with the interest of gda officials. There is lots of problems in the same and surrounding buildings, the details as follows:- 1.No building compounded by the gda due to it's commercial activities are going on. 2.No commercial building passed by the gda and there are a big 'a to z' deptt. Store with other saloon shop running, as gifted by the gda to the builder. 3.On one plot there is a provision of only three flats but in this building nine flats built up on one plot which is totally illegal. 4.If there is a clause of fine and penalty by the gda or any demolishing procedure in gda so why it is going on or what is the pressure on gda in this area.

Dhankisto Sutradhar

Our residential area nyay khand III indirapuram flat no 254 b and 255 b somebody living wrongly/Illegally in these flats and spoil our area by keeping dirty and doing mail practice with others so this is my honest duty to inform the gda if any insident or losses will happen who will be the responsible. Therefore request you to tell them to give up the building.

Amir A Khan

This is reg a complaint filed against gda as their officers are regularly creating problems for us due to only me as belonging with muslim community only. Examples for the same are displaying on site at sector-6 plot no. 10 & 10a vaishali ghaziabad. My request to please make sure for survey my building and running commercial activities and gda / Builder and others are involved in wrong practice beyond and breaking the gda rules & regulations on regular basis.


Dear sir

I hav complaints a for the illegal construction near my house. My house is vijay nagar in D block. I hav purchased it from the gda in 1987 my house is in the right corner of the street. There is a illegal construction since 1987. I have all the legal papers of my house with the rejestry papers which I done in 14/Feb/2012 ...sir iam in great trouble pleezz keep focus on my complaint and solve it as soon as possible....

with warm regards

harveer singh

D 122 sec 11 vijay nagar ghaziabad.

Mob. 09213582487 9213335940


Dear sir

I have complaints for illegal construction near my house and almost all the sector-3f vaishali.

As per gda policy there should only 3 floor building is allowed without the basement.

But now day’s builder making the building with basement having 5th floor.

If there is no action taken place within the time then there loss to many family because the construction

quality used by the builder is very bad it not good for 3rd floor where they are constructing up to 5th floor.

Please take proper action within the time.

Many thanks!!

aakash sinha

flat-276 vaishali-3f

Amir A Khan

Dear all concerned

there is no use for any type of complaints in gda bc's

gda officers also involve in all these malafine movements and I also in this q since last one year.



we residents of indirapuram ghaziabad; are facing daily traffic congestions as kalapathar road (nyay khand indirapuram ghaziabad) or road besides big bazaar aditya mall is -

1). Illegitimately encroached by road-side vendors and shopkeepers and

2). A significant portion of road is occupied due to unreasonable car parking.

Though aforesaid road is of 3 lane but such irregularities have reduced it to heavily jammed single lane.

Please strictly take some legal actions.