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Vikram Muddya on 22 July 2013
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Scam by bagittoday yatra

I was totally conned by around 0-30 calls to buy a voucher for a holiday through this http://www.bagittoday.com/faces/bcode/4751/index.jsp The customer care promised me list of 8 hotels saying that I can use the voucher against this. When I kept on asking him whether can he provide any document which provides all these hotels he said that that will be mailed after I make the payment. I refused initially but around 0-30 calls were made from them convincing me to make the payment. After I made the payment I got the booking id. Now when the executive called up for confirming she said that only 2 hotels are covered, which are the cheapest accomodation available and other 8 hotels are not covered. Whenever I call up their customer care they give a different std number and say that they are not responsible. After calling the alternate number for 4 times 15minutes each the call gets cut after playing music for the entire duration. This is the biggest scam where they are making money through the deal and the phone calls. Can somebody guide me how can I sue this company?

Nishant Kumar

Write mail to every one.Clearly mention your concern.Find mail id from http://www.indiatodaygroup.com/contact.php

Also include all the link like grahak seva link facbook link as well consumer complaint links.It's simple only No need to abuse/blame anyone.